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Zoya Piaf Swatch and Review

When I had my polish haul recently (click here to see the full thing) three of the polishes I got were from the Zoya spring collection, and although I originally skipped it, I ended up going back and grabbing Zoya Piaf for $3. I’d never tried Zoya before and although I didn’t think the yellowish shade would be perfect for my skin, it was pretty and too tempting not to try out. zoya piaf 2

Oh and by the way I really like the photos I took of Zoya Piaf so you get lots! I think I am getting a better handle on the one-handed photography and hopefully not too awkward posing. Let me know what you think !

zoya piaf 5

Anyway, if I had to describe Zoya Piaf I’d say it’s the colour of butter and it goes on your nails like butter! So smooth and flawless, it’s one of the best applications I’ve had in a long time and if this is a shine of Zoya’s quality then I am really excite to try out my other colours! I originally used two coats and I would say that was perfect.

zoya piaf 6

The only issue I had with Zoya Piaf may be a bit noticeable in these photos–I painted my nails late at night and went to bed before they were 100% dry, although I didn’t realize that. I woke up with “sheet marks” on my nails and as a result you’re actually seeing my nails with 3 coats of Zoya Piaf as I tried to hide the marks in these photos. However, it definitely looked flawless with 2 coats, nice and opaque, even without any brushstrokes, I was really happy with the overall appearance.

zoya piaf 4

Even though I was so happy with the way the polish went on, I’m not sure this yellow, though so perfect for spring, is quite so perfect for my skintone after all. I swear, Zoya Piaf, it’s not you, it’s me.

zoya piaf 3

Zoya Piaf looks a bit more greenish in these photos than I would say it is, possibly because of the yellow in my own skin, but it is a lovely shimmery yellow that isn’t quite yellow, I do think there are greenish undertones in it, just maybe not as much as comes across.

zoya piaf

Overall, I was incredibly happy with Zoya even though I’m not planning to hold onto Zoya Piaf, I’m quite excited for the others I have to try (especially Julie! Love my purples!)

What do you think of Zoya Piaf or other Zoyas that you’ve tried?

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