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Zoya Miranda Swatch and Review

TIME FOR THE GRAND REVEAL. And sadly, I’m not talking about Zoya Miranda, although that is incredibly gorgeous as you can see. I’m talking about my baby nails that got cut down to nothing. They’ve had a tiny bit of a chance to grow (a week I think) so I decided to test them out and see what you think. Let me know if you still enjoy polish posts like this, or if I should hold off swatching until they grow out a bit more.

But now, I don’t want to take any more attention away from Zoya Miranda, cause she’s a beauty!

zoya miranda

Zoya Miranda is one of my first Zoya nail polishes and my very first from their Pixie Dust line which is matte textured glitter. Although you can see that it is definitely textured– no top coat in these photos of course!– I was surprised it wasn’t rougher, it’s not the kind of texture that’s going to catch on your clothing or anything like that.

zoya miranda 3

The other thing to love about Zoya Miranda is that her formula is amazing, really smooth and easy to apply. I will say that it was a tad more sheer than I expected, so I ended up going for three coats because like usual I was painting my nails late at night and had a hard time telling in the lighting if two was enough.

zoya miranda 5

In the bottle, Zoya Miranda was quite pretty but it was nothing compared to when I got it in on my nails. Like I said, I’m in love. The complex sparkle is so pretty, I know I already featured the entire Zoya Fall Pixie Dust collection on a wishlist of mine, but I seriously need it. Now. Or maybe when it magically goes on sale even more (though Nail Polish Canada does have all the Pixie Dust sets for $52 each which is pretty good for 6 Zoya polishes.)

zoya miranda 4

Anyway, the fact that I’m talking so much about wanting other polishes from this line just shows how much I love Zoya Miranda. The wear on textured polishes is generally pretty good, and mine had some tip wear but no chips after 3 or 4 days when I took it off. It was surprisingly difficult to remove because the glitter shreds the cotton a bit, but I did manage to get it off. I do think textured polish is great if you need a long-lasting manicure though.

zoya miranda 2

Okay now that I’m done, two important questions:

What do you think of Zoya Miranda?

What do you think of my nails?

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