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Zoya Carter

I actually shared Zoya Carter way back in November in a Birthday Haul post (this gorgeous polish came to me from the very-generous Kalyn Lord), and I even included a swatch! Apparently I also included a bunch of swatches in a draft that sat waiting for me to post them on my blog for the last… several months. I even went to re-edit and watermark and realized I didn’t need to. So here the beauty is, late but not forgotten.
birthday gift 8Zoya Carter is definitely a polish that screamed my name, and I was really desperate for it, but I had been buying a lot of polish lately and was trying to have self-restraint. That’s why birthdays are awesome though– especially when you have polish-loving blog friends. I love Zoya’s PixieDust polishes, and after I tried my first one (Zoya Miranda) I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a second. Given my passionate love of purple, Zoya Carter was the perfect choice.

zoya carterThe Zoya PixieDust polishes are textured polishes but with lots of glitter that gives them something really special about them. They are also basically like sandpaper on your nails in terms of how long they last, they don’t need a top coat (you could use one but it would very much change the appearance) and I love to use them when I won’t have a chance to change my polish for awhile because I find they really last.

zoya carter 2Unfortunately along with good lasting power comes difficult removal, and for Zoya Carter that is sadly the case, but it is so gorgeous I never want to take it off my nails anyway.

zoya carter 4In terms of application, the only possible complaint I have is that I have been used to textures being one coat wonders, and Zoya Carter is definitely not. It surprised me how sheer it was with one coat, and while two might have been enough on some nails it was pretty uneven. I ended up going with three, but had no issues doing it given how pretty it looks and how long it lasts.

zoya carter 5Basically, I love Zoya Carter. It made it into my November Favourites, and looking at these swatches right now just makes my heart so happy. The Zoya PixieDust polishes are some of my favourite polishes in existence and while I currently only own four, that will definitely have to change someday…

How do you feel about Zoya Carter?

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