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Zoella Fizz Bar Review

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Zoella is an incredibly successful YouTuber (like, 14 million subscribers) and as a result she was able to launch her own beauty range. I’ve actually been interested in it since it first launched because it just looked and sounded so lovely. I’m really excited quite a few of the products are now available in Canada thanks to Farley & Co, and you can check those out here. I was given the chance to test out one of the products so of course I picked the Zoella Fizz Bar, which is actually something I’ve purchased before, but it was for a gift, so I was thrilled to have one of my own!


In addition to the adorable packaging, I just really love the concept of the Zoella Fizz Bar, which is packaged like a chocolate bar and contains scented squares you can break off and add to your bath. The scent is a light, warm sweet floral that I really like. I add two cubes to my bath, and it scents the water and turns it a little milky. It’s really relaxing to use, but it’s not going to put on a Lush glitter show. On nights when I don’t want to clean the bath when I’m done having one, or I want to wash my hair, a product like this is perfect.


I really love the Zoella Fizz Bar and I’m excited to see the products easily available in Canada. You can find Zoella Beauty at select London Drugs, Pharmasave, Lawtons, Familiprix, IDA, Guardian, Brunet and Uniprix.

In addition to the Fizz Bar, I also really loved the Zoella Beauty Blissful Mistful Fragranced Body Mist when I smelled it at IMATS, and the Wonder Hand Cream sounds amazing too. If you want to try out a Zoella Beauty product for yourself, and pick up a copy of her latest book, make sure to check out my Instagram account–I’ll have a giveaway going up there today!

Have you tried any Zoella Beauty yet?

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