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Winners Haul

So, as I alluded to on my Facebook page I was actually planning on sharing a different, polish haul this week (click here to ‘like’ the page and get more sneak peeks in the future!) but unfortunately that’s not happening. I’m actually moving tomorrow, or starting tonight even, and I packed up all my polish before I wrote down the names! So instead you get my first Winners Haul, which I’m actually quite excited about. Kinda makes me feel like a ‘winner’. Ha.

I don’t live that close to a Winners so I don’t usually get to go, but I stopped by after a visit to the mall a couple weekends ago and of course I had to check out the beauty and bath section. I am really happy with what I found! So here’s my Winners Haul.
winners haul
For my Winners Haul I picked up:

Rove Flavor Infuser– Not actually beauty-related (unless you count how important drinking water is!) but I’m really excited about this product and have been having lots of fun putting fruit in the bottom of it to flavour my water. Obviously you can put fruit in a normal water bottle too, but for $7 this wasn’t much more expensive than one and it’s nice not to have it float up and get it the way when you try to take a sip. I think I might also be able to use it for larger loose leaf tea.

Colorevolution Revitalize Shampoo and Conditioner– I haven’t heard of this brand before but as I’ve said before, I’m trying to go more natural with my shampoo and conditioner, and these were both about $10 each and smelled absolutely delicious so I decided to pick them up! The annoying thing is because I share shampoo with my boyfriend and use conditioner alone, we always finish shampoos way before the matching conditioner. I would have picked up 2 shampoos for that reason (although 2 L would have been an awful lot of shampoo!) but this was the last one in the store. It’ll be awhile before I test it out but definitely expect a review.

Cake It’s a Slice Bath and Shower Froth– I thought this was bubble bath when I bought it and I’m not sure it is, although I can probably use it that way all the same. The scent is described as a creamy vanilla and orange and it’s absolutely delicious. I really love all the Cake product scents that I’ve tried so far, but it’s usually quite pricey and I couldn’t believe both this and the matching lotion were only $13 for about 1 L of product. Yum!

Rusk Sensories Reflect Treatment– I’m nearing the end of my current hair mask and although at $5 this was still a bit pricy to me for the small size, it’s all natural and I thought that was worth a try. I am in love with hair masks after using them for the first time a month or two ago, they make my hair so silky and lovely after I deep condition! But I don’t want to be filling it with bad stuff if I don’t have to, and Rusk is a good brand so I’ll be curious to try this out.

What do you think of my Winners Haul? Have you been to Winners lately and did you have as much success as I did? I checked out the makeup too but no luck there, still I’m very excited for these 5 items!

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