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Whimsical Wishlist

One of my bad, dreadfully time-consuming habits is looking at things on the internet and not buying them. But lately, I managed to convince myself it was actually somehow productive because then I could create wishlists for Writing Whimsy. So uhh, here’s a bunch of things I like. Mainly from Modcloth. I wish they had better Canadian shipping!
whimsical wishlist1. Indigo Floral Antler Mug (Chapters)–I really love these giant mugs from Chapters and this one is just the perfect mix of floral and whimsy. I do not need any more mugs at all, but I am still very tempted by this…

2. Mini 5-Zip Crossbody (Rebecca Minkoff)–I have one Rebecca Minkoff bag (a mini Mac) that I love and lately, and by lately I mean always, I have been lusting after another one. I think the 5-Zips are really cute, and since my first bag is radiant orchid, a reasonable shade like black might be handy.

3. And the Beat Goes Aw Necklace (Modcloth)—I have a really strong attraction to dainty necklaces lately, and I think this one is gorgeous. The only issue is I generally wear a necklace my boyfriend bought me and rarely am in the habit of swapping it out. But if he bought me this one, then I could just wear it instead…

4. Light at the End of the Puzzle (Modcloth)— I’m actually pretty tempted to get this for my boyfriend, since it’s on sale and I think he would appreciate it too. It’s a rubrik’s cube that works as both a light, and a functional cube.

5. Chronicle Books Terrarium of Expertise Notecard Set (Modcloth)–At one point, I had a bit of a stationary addiction which means I still have more than a person could ever use and can never justify buying more (unless I send a ton of letters this year… Wanna be penpals?) But if I could, I would buy these ones. Apparently other people agree with me and the sale price because they are now sold out at Modcloth.

6. Coffee Wings Tea Towel (Modcloth)–Scientific names, butterflies, and a vintage-feel? Sold. The only problem is, I’d never want to wipe my hands on them…

7. Novel Tee in Goodnight Moon (Modcloth)— I love so many things about this shirt. The colour. The style (scoop necks are flattering on me!). And of course, the literary design that brings back childhood nostalgia. Well done Modcloth. Well done.

8. Re-finer Things in Life Wallet (Modcloth)— My current wallet is in very rough shape so I’m online shopping for a new one and this one is pretty. But there aren’t enough unicorns on it, sadly.

9. Cosmos a Scene Pillow (Modcloth)— While I was making this post my boyfriend walked over and saw this pillow and remarked on how ugly it was so…guess it’s not going in our apartment. But I think it’s pretty.

10. Proudly Posh Heel (Modcloth)— I definitely do not need another pair of heels because I never wear them, but if I did, I would need these and wear them. Unfortunately I don’t.

Well there are some of the whimsical things I have been wishing for lately, what do you think, is there anything I need to hit the order button on?

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