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Wet n Wild Lavender Pearlescent

Don’t judge a polish by its name. Or in this case, don’t expect a polish to be anything like its name, as Wet n Wild Lavender Pearlescent* is most definitely not lavender. It is a bright pearlescent pink that’s quite pretty, the name just has a bit of an identity crisis.

Wet n Wild Lavender Pearlescent 2

The formula of Wet n Wild Lavender Pearlescent is not fantastic but not horrible either, it’s thin but a tiny bit gloopy. I’m wearing two coats in these photos and it’s still not 100% opaque although because my nails are so short it’s hard to tell. Wear time was average, it lasted about three days before the chips got bad and I had to swap it out.

Wet n Wild Lavender Pearlescent  3

Unfortunately Wet n Wild Lavender Pearlescent is one of those colours that I love more in the bottle than on the nails. It’s super bright and vibrant and makes me happy, and when you look at it from a distance it’s not too bad (I really like how it showed up in my instagram photo against the white snow) but as soon as you get close I just can’t get over the streaks. They don’t bother everyone but for me a streaky finish is just a dealbreaker.

Wet n Wild Lavender Pearlescent  4

Wet n Wild is a super affordable drugstore brand, and even in Canada you can find this polish for $2. They make loads of colours that I like, and I do like how glowy and bright Wet n Wild Lavender Pearlescent is but sadly the streaks just mean this polish can’t get full marks from me.

Will you wear a polish even if it has streaks in it? Does this look like lavender to you?

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