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Wantable Intimates February Review

I’ve been lusting over the Wantable Makeup boxes for months, but when I got an opportunity to review a box, I realized that there was one I wanted even more– the Wantables Intimates February Box*. Wantables also has an accessory subscription. The Wantables Intimates subscription is $36/month, or a one-time purchase for $40, plus shipping which is $6 extra to Canada. The boxes are priced in USD. The subscription promises “4 to 5 premium essentials, handpicked to perfectly match your preferences.”
Wantable Intimates February

Like all my favourite subscription boxes, a benefit of Wantable is that you can cancel or skip at any time if you subscribe. I am very very tempted (ie: it will happen) by the Wantable Intimates box, but it is pretty expensive so it’s not something I’ll be able to have every month and I am very pleased by the flexibility it offers. Customer service is also great! My Wantable Intimates February Review is quite late because my box only arrived with 3 items, while it promises at least 4. They quickly apologized and immediately sent another item off to me.

Wantable Intimates February 2

Each box comes with an adorable message, along with a print out showing you what you are getting, and the value of each item. The unique thing about Wantable is how customizable it is, so they also include a list of anything you have “loved”, “liked” or “disliked”. You are most likely to get items you “love” and you will not receive anything you “dislike”. There is a very detailed quiz when you sign up to ensure you get items you’ll love, including size and colour preference.

Wantable Intimates February 4

When I signed up for my Wantable Intimates February box, one thing I was concerned about was bras. I have seen them in other boxes, and the sizing options available on the website didn’t work for– plus that is the sort of thing I would really want to try on. I easily fixed this by “disliking” them in my profile, as you’ll see, no bras for me!

Wantable Intimates February 6Steve Madden Foldover Yoga Pant: Peri Berry $40.00

These pants almost cover the entire value of the Wantable Intimates February box on their own, and although I might not pay full price for them I have been wearing them lots since I received them (which has been a little while since I had to wait for my missing item). They are extremely soft and comfortable, from a well-known brand, and in a great colour. They also fit me perfect. I have never owned yoga pants before, but now I see how people end up living in these…

Wantable Intimates February 3Rhona Shear Sweet Cupcake Lace Trim Panty Smoke $18.90

Another perfect match! Honestly there is nothing in my Wantable Intimates February box I wouldn’t have purchased, although as a student I don’t think I would ever spend that much on a single pair of underwear, I am very happy to receive them. They are a gorgeous colour and very soft and wearable.

Wantable Intimates February 7MUK LUKS Trish Boot Sock $15.00

How cute are these? I adore socks (socks, scarves and sweaters have always been my favourite items of clothing) but I own a ton so I just “liked” these on the quiz (unlike the other 3 items in my box which I “loved”– so 3/4 is pretty good considering I was very picky and only “loved” loungewear and underwear). However, when I saw them in my box I was so happy and glad that Wantable knew me well enough to send me a pair anyway, knee highs are my favourites and these are so cute, comfortable, and perfect for winter.

Wantable Intimates February 11As I shared, that was my original box which was honestly so good I didn’t even realize there was a problem until I went to write up my Wantable Intimates February Review and realized the website said “4 to 5” items. Of course I couldn’t turn down a fourth item, and Wantable sent it right away in an adorable little box.

Wantable Intimates February 10Q-T Intimates Bikini Black with Heart $10.00

My final item was a second pair of underwear, however, like I said, the reason I received a double is because I was very picky in my quiz. I was very happy to receive a second pair though as these are also great quality and save me from shopping. They are really cute and although I could do without the tiny heart, they are also very comfortable and wearable and I would be happy to receive more from this brand in future Wantable boxes.

Wow! What a success my Wantable Intimates February box was! The total value of the box was $83.90 USD, and I received a pair of pants, a pair of socks, and two pairs of underwear. I did some quick Googling Wantable’s prices for the products seem to be very close to what you would find online elsewhere. With the exchange, this box would cost me about $47/month CDN, and that would still be about $35 more in value than cost. The items are all a perfect for me, and even better than that- they are all so useful! I adore beauty subscriptions, but I do own a lot of makeup. However, something like the Wantable Intimates combines the fun and excitement of a subscription box with a useful product you might actually need and that’s exactly why I may be able to justify subscribing!

Have you ever tried a non-beauty subscription box? Let me know what you think of my Wantable Intimates February box!

Edit: If you are interested in signing up for Wantable but want to save some money, make sure you get an account to save 10% at Wantable. If you don’t have one and sign up, I’d love if you used my referral link (my email is

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