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Vera Wang Princess Power

Vera Wang Princess Power 4Almost every day this week I’ve started off with a fragrance post, and I’d apologize but the truth is, I love perfume. The first expensive perfume I bought was actually a Vera Wang, Lovestruck (it’s amazing!) and the original Princess scent is my twin sister’s signature scent and I bought her a bottle for our last birthday, so I was definitely interested to try out the latest release, Vera Wang Princess Power*.

Vera Wang Princess PowerIn terms of packaging, Vera Wang Princess Power definitely looks younger than Princess, although there have been several scents with a similar vibe from the brand such as Preppy Princess and Glam Princess. It has the signature heart shape along with a crown top, but this time there is a crown pop art design on the packaging. I think it’s cute, but I do prefer the more classic packaging of some of the other scents. However what really matters is what is inside.

Vera Wang Princess Power 3Vera Wang Princess Power starts off as a juicy scent with notes like pear and raspberry, but as it dries down it becomes slightly musky and floral, with a light rose and jasmine layered on top of vanilla and musk. It smells good, but it isn’t the most original scent in my collection, so although I definitely enjoy it and will reach for it, you may already own something similar. While Vera Wang Princess Power is an Eau de Toilette, I still found it lasted about 5 or 6 hours on me.

Vera Wang Princess Power 2A cute bonus about the Princess packaging is they all come with a ring– simply remove the crown and there it is. It’s a bit large for me, but hey, it’s Vera Wang, that’s pretty cool.

Overall, although this wasn’t a total standout in my collection it was really nice to test out another Vera Wang fragrance and if you’re looking for a great summery scent than it is definitely worth testing out Vera Wang Princess Power.

Have you tried any of the Vera Wang scents?

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