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Urban Decay Spectrum Palette Swatches & Review

Urban Decay Spectrum Palette Swatches 8When I first saw sneak peeks of all the holiday palettes, one in particular caught my attention, the Urban Decay Spectrum Palette. Unfortunately, it was only going to be available on the UD website–which at that time, was US-only. I was disappointed, but I had mostly accepted it when I learned it was launching on Sephora! Not only that, but the timing overlapped with a $50 credit I had to use up. Was it fate? I think so. I made an order and the Urban Decay Spectrum Palette was on its way to me (plus a couple other things…)

Urban Decay Spectrum Palette Swatches 7Urban Decay Spectrum Palette is a limited edition Holiday palette filled with colourful and shimmery shades. This palette is definitely a bit outside my comfort zone, but something about it hooked me anyway. I guess part of is knowing how buttery and creamy and pigmented Urban Decay shadows are, and after trying out a few colourful singles this palette seemed like the perfect way to add 15 new shades to my collection. The gorgeous packaging and great price (in comparison to the cost of singles) didn’t hurt either!

Urban Decay Spectrum Palette Swatches 5Urban Decay Spectrum Palette comes in a “box” with a lid that includes a jeweled logo, a lattice detail around the edges, and a mirror on the inside. The shadows themselves sit inside the box, but if you notice that little gap on the lower right corner? You can actually take the whole eyeshadow bit out, and if you ever finished the palette up (apparently, some people do this) you have a velvet-lined box inside perfect for storage. As much as I like having the lid attached to a palette, I actually think this packaging is pretty cool!

Urban Decay Spectrum Palette Swatches 4One thing to note about the Urban Decay Spectrum Palette is that although it does include some neutrals, there are no mattes. To be honest, I don’t mind. I have an entirely matte neutral palette from Paula’s Choice I can use if I ever need it, or I can just go full on shimmer. Which, I often do. But that’s something to consider if you need mattes and like having all your shadows in one palette. This isn’t packaging I would travel with, but if I did, I’d definitely take something else with it. But now onto the shadows themselves!

Urban Decay Spectrum Palette SwatchesThe Urban Decay Spectrum Palette includes a gorgeous range of green to blue shades  such as Protest (shimmery olive green), Junkie (shimmery blue-toned teal), Deep End (bright shimmery mermaid teal), Madness (shimmery bright blue with a hint of sparkle), Evidence (shimmery navy blue), and Prank (a matte black blue with green shimmer).

My favourites are definitely the 3 on the left, which have flawless formulas, and I think Protest in particular is really nice for brown eyes. Prank is quite pigmented, but I’m not a big fan of matte-with-sparkle type shades.

Urban Decay Spectrum Palette Swatches 3There are also three purples in the Urban Decay Spectrum Palette, including Omen (bright metallic lavender with blue sheen), Flashback (bright purple with pink sparkle) and Voodoo (dark metallic eggplant with purple sparkle). Although it doesn’t have the most intense formula, I found Omen buildable and it was definitely my favourite shade of the three, although I really like Flashback too. Voodo isn’t a shade I’ll get much use out of.

Urban Decay Spectrum Palette Swatches 2The final six shades in the Urban Decay Spectrum Palette include three pink-toned shades and three browns. There’s Flatline (light metallic pink), Bordello (shimmery mauve with subtle golden sparkle), Backlash (bright fuchsia with a blue sheen), Daybreak (golden brown with sparkle), Burn (metallic medium brown with subtle silver sparkle) and West (shimmery dark brown).

Even though I don’t get as much use out of dark shades, I should say that West has an absolutely perfect, gorgeous, pigmented formula. I also really love Flat Line and Bordello. Backlash was a bit powdery but definitely still buildable, and the browns are always great pretty neutrals to have. However, Daybreak did have a surprising amount of fallout when I wore it.

Urban Decay Spectrum Palette Swatches 10I created two looks using different shades from the Urban Decay Spectrum Palette. In the first look I applied Bordello to the inner third of my lid, and used Protest all over the lid. I then darkened up the crease and outer corner with Junkie. I wasn’t really sure how Bordello and Protest would look together, but I honestly love the combination. It’s a bit of colour but still super wearable. I also feel like it brings out the amber tones in my hazel eyes.

Urban Decay Spectrum Palette Swatches 9Of course I couldn’t review the Urban Decay Spectrum Palette without a real intense colourful look, so I made use to use all the purples next. I’m wearing Omen on the inner corner, Flashback all over the lid, and Voodo in the crease. I also used a hint of Flatline on the browbone.

Urban Decay Spectrum Palette Swatches 6 I did not use any primer when swatching or testing these shadows, so you can tell how intensely pigmented the Urban Decay Spectrum Palette is. There are some gorgeous, shimmery, colourful shades. While the shadows wore well, there was still creasing by the end. I would definitely use primer, because it will help them last longer and stick better to the lid, helping to avoid some of the sparkle fallout.

It’s not very often I decide to splurge on a high end palette, and while I own two others from Urban Decay this is my first time buying when it wasn’t on sale. I am thrilled with the decision though! The Urban Decay Spectrum Palette has a wearable mix of colourful shades and neutrals, that have gorgeous pigmentation and would make an amazing gift for a makeup loving friend, or for yourself (maybe with the Sephora VIB Sale!) this holiday season.

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