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Urban Decay Nocturnal Collection

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Well, this post is late but it looks like everything featured here from the Urban Decay Nocturnal Collection is still available for sale, so I apologize for the lengthy delay and offer the following excuse: PhD Defense. That said, these are so lovely products and I still wanted to share. If you’re lucky, they might even go on sale!

The Urban Decay Nocturnal Collection includes the Urban Decay Nocturnal Shadow Box as well as a collection of Urban Decay Nocturnal Vice Lipsticks, which I tried two shades, Backstab and Lawbreaker, from. The really exciting reason I received these products is that Urban Decay is now available on As somebody who lives approximately in the middle of nowhere, I have definitely ordered from beauty boutique before, so I am thrilled one of my favourite brands, Urban Decay, is now available for purchase!

The Urban Decay Nocturnal Shadow Box reminds me of classic Urban Decay with the the cardbox packaging. It’s nice and compact and includes a great range of 12 different shades. There is definitely some repetition with previous palettes I own from the brand, but it works great as a standalone palette. The pigmentation and consistency of the shadows is excellent–they are all have an excellent, pigmented and are lovely to use.

In the above look I’m wearing the shades Midnight Cowboy Rides Again on the inner corner, Backfire all over the lid, and Delete in the crease with ABC Gum along the browbone. All the shades are really blendable without blending away into nothing, and this is definitely a palette I can see myself getting a lot of use out of. Plus, I can never have too many versions of Lounge, I just love that shadow..

When it comes to the Urban Decay lipsticks, I’ve been a longtime fan but I have not yet tried their new Vice formula because I have a lot of their older formula to use up. Of course, I was thrilled to test them out when the Urban Decay Nocturnal Vice Lipsticks in Backstab and Lawbreaker showed up. The packaging is definitely lightweight compared to the old lipsticks, but the formula itself is just as good.

The Urban Decay Nocturnal Vice Lipstick in Backstab is a slightly metallic berry red with creamy, shiny finish that’s hydrating to wear. The formula is excellent and there’s enough translucency to the colour that I feel like it’s pretty wearable and perfect for winter weather.

The Urban Decay Nocturnal Vice Lipstick in Lawbreaker is a warm brown that is much more wearable and less brown on the lips than I expected. It looked scary when I got it but I actually really fell in love with this shade! It has a creamy, balm-like texture that just glided on and was also really comfortable to wear.

I am definitely a blogger failure for not sharing the Urban Decay Nocturnal Collection with you sooner, but it wasn’t because I didn’t enjoy it. I think the mixed neutrals of the eyeshadow palette and the comfortable new lipstick shades were all flawless! Definitely a huge hit from Urban Decay, and I am especially excited that you can now purchase their products on  This will definitely lead to some future enabling…

Have you tried anything from the Urban Decay Nocturnal Collection? What do you think of it?

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