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Urban Decay Beware, Dive Bar, Fireball & Lounge Eyeshadows

Urban Decay Dive Bar EyeshadowThe Urban Decay Summer 2015 launches include EIGHT brand new eyeshadow shades that are permanent to the collection. There’s six stunning shifty duochromes and two incredibly useful neutral mattes. Honestly, there’s not a dud among them! I have half the new shades so here are some breathtaking swatches and a little love fest to Urban Decay Beware*, Dive Bar*, Fireball* and Lounge* Eyeshadows.

Urban Decay Beware EyeshadowThe packaging on the Urban Decay Beware, Dive Bar, Fireball and Lounge Eyeshadows is consistent with the other eyeshadow singles from the brand, silver with the logo. The really cool bit is that you can easily pop out the shadow from with your finger from the back, and make your own Urban Decay palette with it. It’s also super easy to pop right back in!

Urban Decay Beware EyeshadowLet’s start with what is clearly the least exciting shade from the batch! Urban Decay Beware Eyeshadow is a warm brown matte shadow with a smooth texture and lovely pigmentation, although it doesn’t blend quite as nicely as the duochoromes.

Urban Decay Dive Bar EyeshadowUrban Decay Dive Bar Eyeshadow is a medium blue with pink-purple shift that is easily visible. It’s quite a dense shadow that is almost creamy, and although it’s not as immediately pigmented as the other shades, but it is buildable.

Urban Decay Fireball EyeshadowUrban Decay Fireball Eyeshadow is peach with pink shift, and I was surprised by how much I fell in love with this one. The duochrome is very obvious, and again the shade is quite dense and creamy, although more pigmented than Dive Bar. I definitely don’t have anything like this in my collection!

Urban Decay Lounge EyeshadowUrban Decay Lounge Eyeshadow is a brick red with green shift which is intensely pigmented with a buttery, blendable texture which is a bit softer than Dive Bar and Fireball. It is a classic UD shade that has been brought back, so it is not quite as original as it once was since I have already reviewed two similar shades, MAC Club and Too Faced Girly. However, it is absolutely stunning and a great option if you don’t already own the others.

Urban Decay Beware Eyeshadow Urban Decay Lounge EyeshadowIn the above photo I’m wearing Urban Decay Fireball on my inner corner, Urban Decay Lounge on the outer two thirds of the lid (look at those duochromes) and Urban Decay Beware in the crease. The lasting power on all these shadows was fantastic, even without a primer or base they still looked great when I came home from work! Honestly, these are some of the nicest shadows I’ve tried.

Urban Decay Dive Bar Eyeshadow Urban Decay Fireball EyeshadowThe next day I was a little more adventurous and again, wearing Urban Decay Fireball on the inner corner, I wore Urban Decay Dive Bar over the rest of my lid. They blended together gorgeous and made me feel like I had sunset eyes. So pretty! Even I’ll wear colours if they look this nice. Oh, and if you like my lip and blush shades in the above photos, well reviews of those are coming soon as well.

Urban Decay Fireball EyeshadowI’m obviously quite pleased with the new Urban Decay shadows, and you can easily tell from my swatches and makeup looks why. These have a great texture, pigmentation and longevity, and they are some really pretty shades too. Out of all four my favourite is the Urban Decay Fireball Eyeshadow, but I don’t think you’d be disappointed with any of them. I really want the purple shades, Urban Decay Tonic and Backfire, as well. Have you added any to your wishlist?

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