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Unicorn Fashion Wishlist

I love unicorns! I even had my mom draw a unicorn to use in my blog header but my photoshop/design skills have not yet enabled that to be a reality. I only own a few pieces of unicorn memorabilia so far, and one of those is an amazing shirt I got at Primark when I was in London (why can’t we have them in Canada?!) with two unicorns on it. There are also rhinestones. Ever since then I have been lusting after more unicorn clothing, and so when it was really late at night and I was supposed to be sleeping, instead I compiled a Unicorn Fashion Wishlist of clothing and accessories. The main rule I had was no more than one of any item– raincoat, slippers, necklace, etc. I have linked to where you can purchase and given the price for the source that I found. Feel free to consider this list when thinking of me for my birthday… in six months.

Unicorn Fashion Wishlist

1. Dual-tone Unicorns Print Blue Coat ($32.99): The Canadian Beauty Bloggers just had a bit of a conversation about MLP, so I will pretend that’s why I have this jacket included and not that this list was already prepared a week ago… Because how cute this jacket? There’s a rainbow and everything.

2. LeiVanKash Gold Unicorn Ring ($472): The most expensive item on the list, but I mean, it’s made of real gold. That’s genuine unicorn bling. It also looks kinda pointy which might be good for jabbing at one with anything negative to say about your amazing unicorn ring.

3. Unicorn Sweater ($75): This sweater makes me think of a unicorn walking through a mystical forest. There’s just something so magical about it. Even more magical than the unicorn status quo. I am a huge fan of sweaters, scarves, and socks, so combine any of those loves with a much-loved animal, and you have a definite winner for me.

4. Adult Unicorn Head ($14.29): The image is actually from Magical Unicorn Mask ($31.90) but they appear to be exactly the same but one is cheaper and had a better image so I borrowed it instead. When I first found this while looking at the slippers (#8) a few months ago, I wondered what excuse I needed to not wait until Halloween to wear this. I might buy it 6 months early just because.

5. Whimsical Women’s Unicorn Theme Pink Leather Watch ($39.82): Right now I have a Tinkerbell watch I bought for $3 after the ones I got from cereal boxes all died, but I would almost be willing to consider my “don’t spend more than $5 on a watch” policy if it meant I could wear this.

6. Dogeared Life Is Magical-Unicorn Necklace ($52): This is probably what you would call one of the less “tacky” things on my Unicorn Fashion Wishlist, if you were the kind of person who thought anything unicorn-decorated could ever be tacky. This is a simple, classy necklace that allows you to keep the unicorn close to you at all times.

7. Unicorn Poncho ($10.55): The ultimate in unicorn fashion, I could definitely get a lot of use out of this poncho on the rainy east coast. Not that I would wait until it was raining to wear it.

8. Plush Unicorn Slippers for Grown Ups ($34.99): Look familiar? These were also on my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, and they will probably be on every single wishlist/gift guide I make for the foreseeable future. Yes, Mother’s Day is coming up. I don’t even wear slippers, but I would start if I had these.

9. ASOS T-Shirt with Unicorn Print ($33.87): This shirt provides a more subtle unicorn design, but shows the every majestic unicorn running forward. I would prefer if a unicorn ran towards me, rather than away, but at least with a t-shirt I know it will never leave.

Well that’s it. If I known it was 9 items when I started, I probably would have added one more to my Unicorn Fashion Wishlist, but instead you get 9 magical things I have scoured the internet to bring you.

I’d ask your thoughts on this post, but there will probably be another one in the future regardless of what you say. I mean, unicorns.

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