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Beauty on the Go: Travalo Classic and Rollerball

Travalo Classic and Rollerball 6It’s been a few weeks since I shared my first “Beauty on the Go” series where I review handy beauty products that you can take with you when traveling or to touch up throughout the day. However, I have a few more posts in the works and definitely more in the future so hopefully you enjoy them, starting with today’s review of Travalos*, which are refillable perfume bottle atomizer travel sprays. Say that ten times fast.

Travalo Classic and Rollerball 5I have a little trio of Travalos, which include two classic excel ones in the shades blue and black as well as a Travalo Touch Slim Rollerball in silver. I had tried the classic ones before and loved them but I was really interested when I saw there was a rollerball available as well! There are quite a few colour options which is very handy for storing different fragrances in and lets me keep a few “on the go” at the same time.

Here’s a little demonstration of how the Travalo works. Both formats work the same way to add product, it’s just the dispensing part that’s different. There’s a small opening on the bottom of the Travalo that squeezes shut/open if you push something between it, but I have never had any issues with leaking.

Travalo Classic and Rollerball 4 Travalo Classic and Rollerball 3Hopefully that’s clear, but basically it is really easy to do and I have only found one bottle out of my billion and a half fragrances that didn’t quite have the right nozzle to use with the Travalo. I LOVE these things! It turns every perfume into a travel size for you to take with you on the go without working about bottles breaking or how much room you have in your purse, and it’s so much more affordable than buying rollerballs from the brands.

Travalo Classic and RollerballI get a good mist from the Travalo classic format and a good amount dispersed using the rollerball, and honestly in terms of dispensing it doesn’t feel any different using these than it does using the original bottle. The original is probably prettier, but these are nice and sturdy for your bag! Another benefit, if you’re flying somewhere these are safe to take on the plane with you, and you can usually find Travalo for sale at airports for that exact reason.

Travalo Classic and Rollerball 2Travalos are available in store across Canada (and worldwide) at shops like London Drugs and other accessory stores. They retail for about $20 and can be refilled forever– definitely a worthwhile investment. Overall, if you want to take your fragrance with you a Travalo is a great thing to have for Beauty on the Go.

Do you top up your scent during the day? What do you think of the Travalo?

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