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Too Faced Chocolate Gold Collection Review and Swatches

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I know it’s been a long time since I’ve done a beauty post, but I have been having some issues (life balance and technical) so I hope you forgive my rustiness as I finally stop by to share a few products from the very lovely Too Faced Chocolate Gold Collection.

Released in time for the holidays but still available for purchase, the Too Faced Chocolate Gold Collection includes an absolutely stunning eyeshadow palette that I’m still lusting over, as well as few gold-inspired pieces for the lips and cheeks! Out of these, I tested out the Too Faced Diamond Light Highlighter, Too Faced Pure Gold Loose Glitter and Too Faced Melted Gold Lip Gloss.

The Too Faced Diamond Light Highlighter comes in beautiful antique-inspired packaging, inside the highlighter is a swirl of pastel colours; mine has a lot of pink in it, but they do vary. The sheen it gives on the skin is ethereal, it has a thin texture that gives a buildable glow. With the amount of product in that pan (12 grams!) it’s also going to last me forever. I’m not complaining!

The Too Faced Pure Gold Loose Glitter is an ultra-fine loose gold glitter that surprised me by having a really lovely texture. The opening of the container is definitely awkward, like most glitters, but dispensed onto the skin it’s really pretty. You can sprinkle it onto your body, or use a damp brush to apply it to your eyelids, which is how I’ve worn it. Sure, there’s some fallout on the cheeks, but in this case it’s a really pretty extra shimmer.

I was definitely most surprised by the Too Faced Melted Gold Lip Gloss, which I really did not think I would like at all. However, this shimmery gloss is packed with gold but still has a nice texture on the lips. The result is a golden sheen with a translucent finish, that would also be very nice paired onto of a dark or bold lipstick shade. Of course this isn’t a product I’d want to wear when eating or doing anything where it might transfer because the shimmer is a bit of a hassle to full remove, but for an evening out or a photoshoot? Perfect.

And here I am, awkwardly posing for photos because I forgot what it was like taking them for my blog, and wearing all the makeup featured in this post (although the sheen of the highlighter is pretty difficult to capture on camera). For a gold collection, I think this makeup is surprisingly wearable, and I love the golden shimmery notes which I think would work on most skin tones.

Overall, I think the Too Faced Chocolate Gold Collection features a lot of unique releases, but they still have the same great quality that I expect from Too Faced. Now I just need to complete my collection with that Gold Chocolate Bar Palette…

Have you tried anything from the Too Faced Chocolate Gold Collection? Let me know what your favourite product was!

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