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THEFACESHOP Smile Foot Peeling Mask Review

THEFACESHOP Smile Foot Peeling Mask 2

This is a weird kind of post because I was really excited for it, but because the exciting part is pretty gross I don’t have any photos and instead I’m just going to tell you all about what the THEFACESHOP Smile Foot Peeling Mask* did for me. So be prepared for a lot of text because apparently I like talking about my feet, even though I think they are kinda gross and always wear socks…

THEFACESHOP Smile Foot Peeling Mask 3

I feel like most of us in the beauty community have probably heard about this “baby foot” trend by now, where you soak your feet in bags of (safe) acids and a few days later the skin feels off and they are super soft. THEFACESHOP Smile Foot Peeling Mask is now available in Canada and I was so excited to try it out. It uses Pine Leaf Extract to help make skin feel fresh while the Alpha Hydroxy Acids provide the peeling treatment.

THEFACESHOP Smile Foot Peeling Mask comes with two bags, one for each foot, as well as two packages of solution to pour into it. It does recommend testing the solution before use, and I wish it came with a little “sample” because it’s very difficult to reseal the package once you open it, but you definitely do want to test it on your skin first. I left my feet in the bags for approximately 60 minutes and then rinsed it off. My brain expected my feet to feel totally different, but honestly they felt a little dry but that’s it.

After a very impatient 3 days I got out of the shower and noticed that my skin had started to peel. By the next day, it had really started to come off. Whenever I had seen photos or videos of the process, it honestly always looked painful to me, even though everyone said it wasn’t. It was not painful at all. You really don’t want to force any skin off, but as it peels away it’s oddly satisfying and I really couldn’t feel much.

THEFACESHOP Smile Foot Peeling Mask

It took about a week for my feet to finish the peeling process so I wouldn’t plan on any sandals for at least 2 weeks after you use the THEFACESHOP Smile Foot Peeling Mask treatment. When all was done, my feet were definitely way softer. I was worried that parts of my feet would be sore or sensitive, but that was not the case for me. My most callused areas weren’t really impacted, but my feet definitely looked and felt much nicer. Although 90% of the peeling did happen on the bottoms of my feet, it did also peel on the tops of my toes and the sides of my feet, which is likely the areas that were submerged in the bag.

Honestly, after finishing up the THEFACESHOP Smile Foot Peeling Mask my first thought was…when can I do this again? I can definitely see myself reaching for one of these treatments again in a few months, and while my feet will definitely get rough again, it was a pretty gross but incredibly satisfying process to undergo.

Have you tried one of these yet? If you haven’t, I definitely recommend THEFACESHOP Smile Foot Peeling Mask!

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