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THEFACESHOP Holiday Gift Guide

THEFACESHOP Holiday Gift Guide 2

I actually have very limited experience with THEFACESHOP–just a few face masks–but recently I was able to fix that and try out a few more products from this great afforadable skincare and makeup brand for a little THEFACESHOP Holiday Gift Guide. Not only do I have THEFACESHOP Nail Polish Collection* all swatched up, but I also have two great stocking stuffer ideas, THEFACESHOP Strawberry Hand & Body Cream* and a THEFACESHOP Face Mask in Sparkling Wine*.

THEFACESHOP Nail Polish Collection 5 THEFACESHOP Nail Polish Collection is a gorgeous collection of 10 full sized polishes in a range of colours and finishes. These great shades are wearable all year long and would make a fantastic gift and affordable gift, since it’s only $29. Once you see the swatches you may end up buying it for yourself!

THEFACESHOP Nail Polish Collection 3 Unfortunately, THEFACESHOP nail polish shades don’t have full names, so I have referred to them by their code, in the same left-to-right order they are swatched. GLI031 is a pink-leaning pearl with a sheer formula that still shows a few brushstrokes with two coats. OR203 is a peachy nude that helps brighten up the nails and makes them look a little healthier, but is still very sheer with 2 coats. RD302 is a gorgeous shiny red that only took one coat, but it does have a slightly jelly finish so there’s still a hint of visible nail line. PK110 is bright pink cream with pretty good but not perfect formula that still shows a little visible nail line with 2 coats.

THEFACESHOP Nail Polish Collection 4

In addition to the pinks and nudes, THEFACESHOP Nail Polish Collection also includes some bright and vampy shades. BL02 is a bright blue cream, that I loved in the bottle but it did take 3 coats for an even, opaque finish. GR02 is a bright grass green that has a gorgeous formula that requires 2 coats for an opaque, glossy finish. PP01 is a burgundy cream that is perfect for fall and winter, and while I ended up with 3 coats, I think you could get away with 2. BK01 is a classic black cream that took 2 coats for perfect opaque coverage.

THEFACESHOP Nail Polish Collection 2

The final two shades in THEFACESHOP Nail Polish Collection are glitters, so I swatched them first on their own, and then over two coats of the BK01 black to really help them pop. GLI040 is a fine antique gold glitter that gave great coverage in one coat. Finally, GLI002 is a silver glitter with two different sizes of hexes and some fine particles. It was a bit sparse with one coat so I went with two.

THEFACESHOP Nail Polish CollectionOverall, THEFACESHOP Nail Polish Collection is a great range of shades and a great value, but my personal favourites are the green and burgundy shades. I am definitely interested in trying out more polish from THEFACESHOP now.

THEFACESHOP Strawberry Hand & Body Cream THEFACESHOP Strawberry Hand & Body Cream 2

But, my THEFACESHOP Holiday Gift Guide isn’t over yet! I still have two great stocking stuffers to share, starting with the THEFACESHOP Strawberry Hand & Body Cream. The scent of this lotion reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake, it’s definitely not real strawberry but it’s still sweet and nice. It also absorbs into the skin well and leaves it nicely scented and quite moisturized.

THEFACESHOP Strawberry Hand & Body Cream is actually one of those products that could work as a hand or body cream–usually I don’t believe them! Of course, the packaging is really cute too and although Strawberry is not my favourite scent, there’s also a Gold Kiwi and Green Grape option available.

THEFACESHOP Face Mask in Sparkling Wine

It wouldn’t be a gift guide for THEFACESHOP without a face mask, and the latest one I tried out is the THEFACESHOP Face Mask in Sparkling Wine. The packaging on this actually reminded me of one of those tubes of drink powder, but inside it’s actually a classic sheet mask.

I don’t really like wine, so luckily the THEFACESHOP Face Mask in Sparkling Wine actually has a bright, artificial grape scent that I quite enjoyed. The sheet mask had a ton of moisture and fit comfortable on my face. I rarely see much of a difference between sheet masks, and I found this one very soothing and moisturizing on the skin. I would definitely be happy to find a few THEFACESHOP Face Masks in my stocking!

THEFACESHOP Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re anywhere near as poorly prepared for Christmas as I am, you’re definitely still shopping, and in that case I hope this THEFACESHOP Holiday Gift Guide was helpful! Is there’s anything you’ll be adding to your own wishlist?

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