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THEFACESHOP Face Masks in Aloe, Avocado and Black Seed

THEFACESHOP Face Masks in Aloe, Avocado and Black Seed 2I don’t generally use a lot of sheet masks because I mostly find them to all be the same but I had a few in my stash form THEFACESHOP, and they are nice and cool in the hot weather, so I figured I’d use them up and share my thoughts. Which I basically just did in one sentence, but LOOK, there’s more text and photos below! So keep reading for some mini reviews on the THEFACESHOP Face Masks in Aloe*, Avocado* and Black Seed*.

THEFACESHOP Face Mask in AloeTHEFACESHOP Face Mask in Aloe has an aloe scent, so that makes it different from the other two in this post. It’s also my favourite, because I found it the most cooling/soothing to use and it would be really great for sensitive skin. I did find that all three masks were very wet and had loads of serum. The sheets themselves had slightly weird mouth and eye openings, but I know sheet masks are hard to fit. However by the end of the week using these, I really wondered, are my eyes that big?

THEFACESHOP Face Mask in AvocadoTHEFACESHOP Face Mask in Avocado was very similar to Aloe as far I could tell, although it was more moisturizing. It also had a soothing scent, although I wouldn’t say (thankfully?) that it especially smelled like avocado.  I’m not very convinced about any long term benefit to a single use sheet mask, but they do provide a nice immediate boost to my skin, so they are fun to use every once in awhile. That said, I am a little concerned this one broke me out, although that’s hard to tell given that I could only use it once.

THEFACESHOP Face Mask in Black SeedTHEFACESHOP Face Mask in Black Seed seemed to be a little different from the other two, both in packaging and because it promised to be a “firming” sheet mask. The black seed (black malt extract) is supposed to help make skin elastic. I can’t say I looked any younger after using this, it was moisturizing and soothing, which was pretty standard. However,  it’s also the third one I used so maybe I was getting a little jaded by then!

THEFACESHOP Face Masks in Aloe, Avocado and Black SeedI love using masks, but I’ve never been especially impressed by standard sheet masks. Out of the THEFACESHOP Face Masks in Aloe, Avocado and Black Seed, my favourite was definitely the Aloe, because it was the most soothing in experience and scent . The Aloe mask is the only one I’d pick up again, and I think it’s especially refreshing during the hot weather. Brilliant idea: store your sheet masks IN THE FRIDGE.

Do you have a favourite sheet mask? Am I totally missing out on this beauty ritual?

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