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The Test by Sylvain Neuvel

If you’re look for a short, dark, and emotional read, you absolutely need to pick up The Test by Sylvain Neuvel. I’ve seen this book compared to a Black Mirror episode and having only seen one or two episodes, I’d say that is a pretty accurate comparison. The Test is about dystopian-ish future where Idir is writing a citizenship test so that his family can immigrate to Britain from Iran, when it takes a dark, unexpected turn. I really wouldn’t go into this book knowing more than that, because it surprised me, which was, well, surprising in a book that short.

I read this book, which comes in at just over a hundred pages, mostly by audiobook. I normally speed up my audiobooks when listening to them, but this is absolutely not one that you can do that for. It was so much better to just soak it in, slowly, although the book itself is very fast-paced. Neuvel tackles all kinds of questions and issues, about morality and bias and society. The Test is such a strange, wonderful, and devastating little book–I’ll definitely have to read more from Neuvel in the future.

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