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The Spa of Hakone Bath Salts

Last week I shared the first of two strangely coloured Japanese bath salts I received in an Ebay order, Bathclin Karada Plus Aroma Sparkling in Fresh Yuzu (reviewed here). This is the second, The Spa of Hakone Bath Salts, purchased here. The package contained 25 g of bath salts which was enough for one bath.
The Spa of Hakone Bath Salts

I was a little less surprised with The Spa of Hakone Bath Salts having already experienced the oddity of Japanese bath salts once, but I still didn’t quite know what to expect since there isn’t even a real brand for the packaging and everything is in Japanese. But when I opened it up it was nice and bright green inside.

The Spa of Hakone Bath Salts 2

The smell is described as “medicinal herbs” and although I didn’t read closely enough to pick that up before I bought it, I didn’t really mind that much. I still think it was better than the supposedly citrus-flavoured last packaged, but it definitely wasn’t something delicious like vanilla that I love to pour into my bathwater. But my normal bubble bath also doesn’t do this…

The Spa of Hakone Bath Salts 3

Yup, another funky bathwater colour, thank you The Spa of Hakone Bath Salts! The colour diluted a bit as the bath-tub filled up and this was the finishing shade of florescent green.

The Spa of Hakone Bath Salts 4

It’s just… weird taking a bath in water that colour. There is nothing relaxing, and as I said something even a bit toxic, about water that bright. But the bath itself was alright and there’s nothing really wrong with The Spa of Hakone Bath Salts. The green didn’t stain my tub or skin, but it didn’t make my bath more enjoyable either. The scent was okay, and the water was nice, but like I said before, baths are nice, so it’s hard to judge that it was really made better by these salts.

Overall, I’d say these foreign bath salts were a fun experiment, but I won’t be ordering The Spa of Hakone Bath Salts again and I’m a bit skeptical of ordering from anywhere else as well. I do have a ton of bubble bath to use up at the moment, so I think I’ll stick to bubbles and… non-green water in the meantime.

Would you take a bath in florescent green water? Or order your bath salts off Ebay? Let me know what you think of The Spa of Hakone Bath Salts! I’m going to try to review more foreign products in the future as I think it’s quite fun, and some of them are bound to be ‘hits’ instead of ‘misses’.

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