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The Other People by C. J. Tudor

I’m glad that the just-launched BooksandLala book club convinced me to pick up The Other People by C. J. Tudor, because while I enjoyed her debut The Chalk Man, I wasn’t so in love with it I felt I necessarily needed to read more and so I’d skipped over her second book last year. Coming back to Tudor’s writing in The Other People was really enjoyable and I definitely feel like it has matured across books. This one tells the story of a man whose wife and daughter seem to have been murdered, except that he saw his daughter in the back of a car at a time that she should have been dead, and he’s been searching for the truth ever since. At the same time, a woman and her daughter are on the run, but they just might know the truth about what really happened.

The actual blurb for The Other People gives a bit more detail than I think I’d want to know going into this mystery-thriller, so there’s my vague attempt at introducing it. The novel switches between a few different perspectives, which is normally not my favourite but I didn’t mind here and I found they all fit together and complemented each other quite well. Tudor does a fantastic job building up the anticipation in this book, and there are so many intense moments which I loved.

To me, there were definitely some similarities between this novel and Eight Perfect Murders by Peter Swanson, which I read and really enjoyed last month, but it was still a unique story and I didn’t predict every twist–there were a lot of them. I thought the story got a little overly complicated and over the top at times, and the epilogue was pretty meh, but I loved how creepy and spooky the book was. While I liked the writing in both of them, The Other People is a really engaging story in a way that The Chalk Man didn’t quite manage, and while it wasn’t a perfect thriller, this spooky read has me pretty excited to pick up whatever Tudor writes next.

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