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The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner Review

I’ve decided I’m going to start trying to review products I’m currently using and let you guys know what I think of them and how they’re working for me. It just seems like a pretty logical thing to do, but that means that I don’t have the pretty pictures I’m now taking when I first get a product since these were started before I was reviewing on Writing Whimsy. The first product I’m going to share is my toner, it’s The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner.
The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner 1

I bought The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner quite awhile ago, but I hadn’t really been using it because I was really sure what you were supposed to do with toners! But after I got into reading other beauty blogs and watching videos, I quickly learned that they are great for cleaning any leftover product off your skin, or as the bottle says “sweeps away traces of impurities”. Then I started using toner, and I’ve now gone through almost half of my The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner 2

The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner is a dual phase toner with what I believe is a mattifying powder at the bottom as well as the majority being a green liquid. You can shake the bottle to mix them together before you use it (which is always fun! It seems like things that you shake are very popular among beauty bloggers.)

I really like the Body Shop Tea Tree line but all of the products have a definite tea tree scent (although this isn’t as strong as the mask for example) which is very particular and might turn you away from using this product. If you don’t know what tea tree smells like, I highly recommend sniffing it in person before buying anything from this line. I actually like the smell (maybe from so much using of these products in the past) but my boyfriend is not such a big fan.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner  3

After shaking up The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner, I pour some onto a piece of cotton. At one point I was just using a tissue or whatever, and then I got cotton pads, but now I have the luxurious Shiseido facial cotton (picked up during my free Shoppers Drug Mart Haul) so I use those instead. So lovely! I’ll probably do a review of it as well 🙂

I apply The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner all over my face but I do try to focus more on oilier t-zone. It gives a cooling sensation and leaves my skin looking and feel dry and matte. But unfortunately, I have a problem with this toner.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner  4

I wish that The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner was my perfect match, but it’s just too drying for my skin. There’s alcohol in it which probably doesn’t help, especially in combination with the tea tree (which is great for blemishes and I actually use the one from the Body Shop as a spot treatment). This toner is just a bit too strong. However I will be finishing it, and if you have incredibly oily skin it may be worth checking out, especially during the summer time.

I also picked up the Clinique Toner (for Type 3 skin) during my Shoppers haul, so once I’m done the other half of The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner I’ll be giving that one a try. It’s less budget friendly– TBS is $11 for 250 mL though they always have sales, and Clinique is $16 for 200 mL– but I’m really trying to improve my skin and I want the right toner to help do that.

Do you use The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner or any of the other products from the tea tree line? What toner are you currently using, or do you just skip that step like I used to (and I’m not saying I won’t go back to it myself!)?

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