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The Body Shop Strawberry Soap, Shower Gel, Body Polish & Body Butter

The Body Shop Strawberry Soap, Shower Gel, Body Polish & Body Butter 2Of course, I always get excited over a new scent launch from The Body Shop (see: the just released Fuji Green Tea) but the brand has some staple scents that have been around for a long time, and for good reason. There’s the much-adored Satsuma (remember that giant tub of Body Butter I finished?) and there’s Strawberry. I recently tried out a few permanent products from The Body Shop Strawberry range, including the The Body Shop Strawberry Soap*, Shower Gel*, Body Polish* and Body Butter*.

The Body Shop Strawberry SoapThe Body Shop Strawberry scent is a juicy one that is quite bright and very sweet so that it feels artificial, although it is the sort of strawberry candy artificial that I actually like, which is definitely less subtle than real strawberry. The Body Shop Strawberry Soap is a vegetable-based soap that is made from derivatives of palm oil and glycerin. It isn’t drying on the skin and it can be a bit slippery, and although it still smells great the scent isn’t as strong as the shower gel.

The Body Shop Strawberry Shower GelThe Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel is the classic soap-free formula with a bright red colour and the yummy strawberry scent. It isn’t drying on the skin, but I do always use a lotion (or Body Butter!) after showering to help moisturize. It also lathers well, and does leave some scent behind, especially if you layer it with other Strawberry products.

The Body Shop Strawberry Body PolishAlthough I have tried quite a few of the scrubs before, The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish was the first time I tried that variation of product. It absolutely reminds me of strawberry jam, and comes in a convenient squeeze tube format that is much less messy than a jar can be in the shower. This is meant to be used daily, and it contains a mix of crushed walnut shells and kiwi seeds that make it gentle enough to cleanse and exfoliate daily. I think that of the four products, the scent of this one is my favourite–they are definitely similar, but each one is a little bit unique.

The Body Shop Strawberry Body ButterFinally, you have to end any The Body Shop shower with one much-adored product, and in this case that’s The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter. I have a mini-tub of it, which is perfect for travel, but of course it comes in the regular tub as well as a jumbo option so you can slather not only yourself but everyone you know in it (I swear my last jumbo body butter lasted me a year and a half!) In terms of consistency, this one of the middle-thickness for the body butters, not as heavy as Brazil Nut but not as light as Satsuma. It’s still quite hydrating and a great summer scent.

The Body Shop Strawberry Soap, Shower Gel, Body Polish & Body ButterIt’s always fun testing out a new scent from a brand I love, and if you are looking for a sweet, Jolly Rancher-esque Strawberry scent, I think you would love The Body Shop Strawberry Soap, Shower Gel, Body Polish and Body Butter! My personal pick is definitely the Body Polish, which smells delicious and is fantastic for daily use.

Have you tried this scent range before? What’s your favourite The Body Shop scent?

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