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The Body Shop and Victoria Secret Haul

 Well if there’s one thing that should be obvious about me so far, it’s this: I love a deal. Part of the reason I’m having to put myself on a low buy is lately I seem to be finding great deals everywhere, even when I don’t really need them. But the products in this post were totally justified (no nail polish!) and came to a total of $25 plus tax for my The Body Shop and Victoria Secret hauls.

I was at the mall on the weekend with a friend and The Body Shop had a great promotion going where you spin their wheel and earn a certain promo. I spun $20 off a $40 purchase, and it included items that were already on sale! I picked up $30 worth and the friend I was with picked up a body butter for $10, so our totals came to $15 and $5 respectively.

When I went to pay, there was even a promotion on for renewing your member card which was $5 off (mine expired in April, so sadly I lost my points from last year, whoops) AND I got 2 free travel size products, which were technically $6 each. All the items I purchased were already 50% off, so with my additional 50% off using the promo I ended up saving 75% off the sticker value.

I technically saved another 10% with my member card, but that mostly covered the fee of renewing it, leaving me to pay the remaining dollar or two, which was worth it considering I got the $12 worth of free product along with my renewal, as well as 10% off all future purchases, and $10 during my birthday month. Not bad!

But enough about the money, what did I get?

body shop haul

I tried to be practical with my spending and even though there was an awesome deal on their jumbo-sized Satsuma shower gel (also could have gotten 75% off) I didn’t buy it! I already have a container at home and it will take forever to finish by which point there will probably be another promotion. Instead I picked up:

Rainforest Shine Conditioner (x1) and Shampoo (x2) for Normal to Dry Hair: These products are from the TBS eco-concious line and they are free of silicones, parabens, colorants, and sulphates. I am trying to go more natural with my shampoo, as evidenced by my Pantene Silicone-Free shampoo in my Shoppers Haul (I still have a bottle and a half left to go).

After I finish up the silicone-free products I’m excited to try these ones that are free of everything that could be of concern. I got these products for $2.50 each and I don’t know if I should be excited if I fall in love because they are so much better for my hair, or sad because full price they are $10 each. I am trying not to have too big a “stash”, especially when I haven’t tried a product yet, which means I only picked up the two bottles even though I was tempted to buy more!

Satsuma Body Butter: Yes, all three containers are the same product, same scent. I just have a favourite okay! It smells so good! I can’t remember the last Body Shop body butter I owned, because full price is really expensive, but for 75% off I picked up this jumbo jar (it’s also good timing since I just finished up my last body butter). The two travel sizes were free with my renewal, like I said, and since it’s my favourite scent I just went for a purse-friendly version of the same thing. One is, provided it fits, getting tucked into a friend’s care package cause I am so nice to share my goodies.

Also at the mall (actually, the next day, because we went really close to closing the first day and only got to do one floor, whoops!) there is an awesome semi-annual sale going on a Victoria Secret. I ended up being too stressed and frustrated and tired to pick up any bras, but I found something just as awesome, a large sized bottle of Love Spell perfume.

victoria secret haul

Any of my one or two readers from the beginning of this blog will possibly recall me writing about purchasing the small size of this perfume, it’s 30 mL and it was $12 (you can read about it here). I just loved the smell so much, and it was the only size sold in Canada, so I bought it anyway and have been carefully rationing it ever since. Imagine my sheer delight when it turned out the large format (110 mL! Over three times the size!) is available, just only in a gift set that also includes body wash and lotion. A gift set that is only sometimes available, and retails for $30. A gift set I purchased for $10, less than I paid for just the tiny perfume!

If I’m honest, I still have just over half a bottle of my Love Spell perfume already left, but I don’t care. I love the scent and I’m so excited that I won’t have to worry about using it up any time soon. I’m not sure how I feel about the body lotion or shower gel, but those are nice bonuses in a great scent (cherry blossom and peach). Even the box the gift set came in is really nice, hard with a magnetic closure, I will probably use it to store pens or stationary.

So I definitely don’t regret any of these purchases, but it’s probably a good motivation for me to stay away from too many stores this summer!

Have you been taking advantage of any awesome sales lately? What do you think of The Body Shop and Victoria Secret products? Was I bad to spend my $25? Let me know what you think!

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