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No-Buy Tea Challenge (plus a peek into my stash)

After a wonderful (but unnecessary) Tea Haul I realized my collection is definitely getting a bit out of control and it’s time to drink up before I buy any more. A few of these I inherited, and many of them (mainly ones around 20 g) only cost a few dollars, but that doesn’t mean I need to buy more without finishing what I have first.

So I made a list to hold myself accountable. The teas are listed as well the quantities I have, but those numbers are how much I initially bought and not necessarily how much is left. For example, Pom Tango will probably be one of the next ones I finish, even though I started off with 100 g– it’s just delicious.

Most of these are David’s Teas, unsurprisingly if you’ve been following my blog. They were all acquired in the last year. First, I’ll share the teas I have, then I’ll share the rules for this little “no-buy” challenge I’m giving myself.

At work:

tea stash 2

(Sorry for the low quality photo, just had my phone at work but figured I’d grab a photo of the collection together)

  • Pom Tango (100 g)
  • Forever Nuts (100 g)
  • Cocoa Canela (25 g)
  • Organic Detox (20 g)
  • Paradise Found (50 g)
  • Pink Flamingo (50 g)
  • Red Velvet Cake (50 g)
  • Birthday Cake (20 g)
  • Prairie Berry (20 g)
  • Box of Tazo Berry Blossom White (I really don’t like this tea and have been trying to share it/give it away at work, so I don’t expect to actually finish it myself though I will give it another try)
  • I’m not sure if this box is Tazo or Red Rose or something totally different. May also try to pass this on.

At home:

tea stash

  • Wildfrucht Tea Drink (400 g)
  • Pineapple Oolong (30 g)
  • Genmaicha (20 g)
  • Organic The Skinny (20 g)
  • Chrysanthemum Flowers (45 g)
  • Creme Caramel Rooibos (50 g)
  • Organic Super Berry (50 g) (Another tea I don’t like and am trying to get my boyfriend to finish)
  • Stormy Night (25 g)
  • Cocoa Canela (25 g)
  • Organic Egyptian Chamomile (30 g)
  • Turkish Apple Tea (250 g?)

And now for my “no-buy” criteria…

  • Having a ridiculous amount of tea already, I pledge to drink it this summer instead of buying more!
  • This “no-buy” does not include tea-related items that might make my brewing easier, like tea bags, a teapot, or a pitcher for iced tea.
  • It does include any and all tea.
  • However, for every three teas I cross off this list, I am allowed to purchase 20 g more of tea. This will help my collection shrink, while still allowing me to purchase something if I’d really like it. For the three teas, it doesn’t matter what size my initial package is (20 g or 400 g) it still counts as one.
  • I’m allowed to get help drinking my tea, as I’m always offering it to others at work, and at home my boyfriend also sometimes has tea.
  • I’m also allowed to give away tea if it’s a flavour I really dislike but manage to find a home for (I’m looking at you, Berry Blossom)
  • This pledge runs until September 1st, the only exception being if David’s Tea limited edition fall flavours are released before then and there are any I want to pick up because they sell out so quickly here.

An awesome side benefit of this challenge is that instead of avoiding my teas with artificial flavours, I’ll be able to finish them up and make sure to replace them with all natural ones. It may limit my tea reviews, but I do have quite a few on this list I haven’t featured yet. There’s also a tea sampler at work I can try a few more from.

A second benefit is that by keeping less tea around, it’ll ensure that it’s all fresher. I am excited to continue to buy in small quantities (20 g) up front and then later purchase a tin (100 g) if it turns out it’s something I love.

Anyway those are the details to my challenge, and I’m excited to look back in September and see how many I’ve crossed off my list.

I’m also probably going to be participating in a polish no-buy as well. I love my tea and polish, but they are both stacking up to the point that I don’t really get to enjoy using all the ones I have. This is a chance to rediscover and enjoy what I already have, instead of getting excited and buying more.

Do you have too much tea, or too much of something else? If you want to join, feel free!

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