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Tea Box Express October Box + Promo Code

Tea Box Express October Box 5Some of the things I have made pretty clear that I love on Writing Whimsy are TEA, mail, and honey. So I was really excited to try out the Tea Box Express October Box*, which is the very first one from the monthly subscription service, and has the theme “Bee Happy”.

Tea Box Express October Box 6Tea Box Express October Box arrived incredibly quickly (just a couple days) and will ship on the 15th of each month. You have to subscribe by the 1st to receive that month’s box, so if you want to grab November’s like I think you will when you’re done seeing how amazing this first box was, make sure you subscribe before November 1st.

Tea Box Express October BoxWhen you open the branded Tea Box Express October Box there is a thoughtful message stuck to the lid that describes the contents as well as the theme. I think this is a really charming detail that is part of what makes small businesses so special. Inside the box there are five products, all matching the theme, as well as a little quote card that says “My Happy List” on the back and has lines for you write down things that make you happy.

Tea Box Express October Box 2Of course it wouldn’t be Tea Box Express without tea, and each month promises 1 tea along with 3 to 4 tea-related accessories. The Tea Box Express October Box came with Teatulia Black Tea ($8.99), which is which contains 16 bags of tea in corn silk pyramid tea bags, each of which has 2 grams of whole leaf black tea inside. Teas like this are a real treat because they give you the flavour and benefit of loose leaf, without having to worry about actually dealing with the leaves. The tea itself can be brewed 2 or 3 times–I tried it twice and it still tasted great the second time. It’s 100% organic from Bangladesh. I tend to drink more flavoured tea, but I thought this tea, where the only ingredient is black tea, was absolutely delicious. It is rich and deep but not bitter,and I’m sure it won’t be long before you see the container in my monthly empties.

Tea Box Express October Box 11Of course tea was the highlight of the Tea Box Express October Box, but there was also a handful of goodies to go with it, including a Yellow Tea Bag Rest (~$3), which isn’t branded so I don’t know the exact value. It’s got a cute shape and is really handy for storing your tea bag before you toss it, especially if you are double or triple brewing your tea like with this one. I also put my tea bags in the compost, so I don’t mind letting them dry out a little bit first. I think this is so cute and the yellow colour is very cheerful and goes great with the theme.

wI don’t usually add sweetener to my tea, but when I do, it’s honey or agave, so I was happy to get this little jar of Savannah Bee Co. Honey for Your Tea ($5.50) in the Tea Box Express October Box. It’s 100% pure honey, as well as being gluten-free and kosher certified. The little container is perfect for me to keep at work, and I love the sweetness it adds to the black tea.

Tea Box Express October Box 3To go with the honey, there’s a Tea Pot Honey Dipper ($3.75) in the Tea Box Express October Box. I’ve actually never used one of these before, but now I understand why they exist because it was so much easier to add my honey to my tea, then stir it around and let it dissolve. The little tea pot on the top is really cute as well, I love all the tea details on both this and the tea bag rest.

Tea Box Express October Box 4Finally, what’s tea without a cookie? The Tea Box Express October Box includes a Bumble Bee Shortbread Cookie from Corso’s Cookies ($4.00) although unfortunately mine got a little battered in transit. I have celiac disease so I couldn’t eat the cookie, but as soon as I was done taking photos my boyfriend devoured it and said it was good! I think it is so adorable and cute as well, I just love that smiling bumblebee.

Tea Box Express October Box 9Tea Box Express October Box contains one tea and four tea-accessories, for a total value of approximately $25.24. The box costs $25.50 with a monthly subscription (less if you subscribe for longer) and has a $5.99 subscription fee. It almost exactly breaks even with the cost of the box, which is what I would hope for from a small, curated box like this where part of the pleasure comes from getting such lovely hand-selected treats each month. Even just reading the note on the inside of the box cheered me up and I love the positive message behind the box.

Unfortunately, Tea Box Express is currently only shipping to the US, but if there’s enough interest they may expand in the future (take note Canadian tea lovers)! I know I would be tempted to subscribe. If you do have a US mailing address, they were kind enough to share a promo code with me.

You can use the code WHIMSY20 for 20% off your first month at Tea Box Express! This is a fantastic savings, valid until the end of November, although you have to subscribe by November 1st to grab that month’s box (otherwise you’ll receive December’s instead). I am really happy Tea Box Express is sharing this promo code, because it is a great way to try it this subscription and see if it’s for you… Although based on how awesome October’s box was, the answer is clearly yes. Just look at that bumblebee cookie…

What do you think of the Tea Box Express October Box?

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