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Tea Ave Cape Jasmine Oolong, Magnolia Oolong and Rose Oolong

Tea Ave Cape Jasmine Oolong, Magnolia Oolong and Rose Oolong 2I recently mentioned the brand Tea Ave in both my June and July Empties, and that’s because I’ve been drinking their tea, but I haven’t done a very good job sharing it with. Now that I’m down to my last cup (it’ll be in the August Empties) I figured I better share my thoughts on the Tea Ave Cape Jasmine Oolong*, Magnolia Oolong* and Rose Oolong*.

Tea Ave Cape Jasmine Oolong, Magnolia Oolong and Rose OolongTea Ave is a Canadian tea company, based out of BC and run by brother and sister duo Jeff and Heidi Chen. Born and raised in Taiwan, they came together to share their love of oolong tea through Tea Ave, as well as really gorgeous teaware. Honestly, Tea Ave is one of those businesses where you can tell that the owners put a lot of thought and care into it, and everything they do has a simple, gorgeous design to it. I love following their instagram!

I tried samples of three of their teas, which are the Tea Ave Cape Jasmine Oolong, Magnolia Oolong and Rose Oolong and as somebody who tends to reach for herbal and black teas over oolong, I was excited to see what Tea Ave had to offer.

Tea Ave Cape Jasmine OolongTea Ave Cape Jasmine Oolong is a mild, clean tea with a light taste and a hint of jasmine. It comes from Alishan Mountain Region in Nantou, Taiwan. Tea Ave prepare the scented oolong teas by allowing them to absorb the flower fragrance during the baking process, which requires no additives or chemicals. Oolong tea is wonderful to resteep so you can easily brew it for more than one cup, but should only steep it for about a minute to really get that light, slightly sweet, flavour.

Tea Ave Cape Magnolia Oolong 2Tea Ave Cape Magnolia Oolong is a soft, floral scented oolong with a warmness to it. According to Tea Ave, Magnolia is known for its calming qualities, and I can definitely understand after having a tea like this. It adds a sweetness to the oolong, which I really appreciate.

Tea Ave Cape Rose OolongTea Ave Rose Oolong is a light rose tea which has much more of an oolong taste to it, despite being a blend of Alishan Jin Xuan Oolong with fresh Taiwanese roses. I was surprised the rose wasn’t more dominant, especially since it fades even more with subsequent steeping. It’s still a very nice, mild tea with a bit of sweetness to it in addition to the vegetal oolong flavour but personally I wish the rose was stronger.

Tea Ave Aroma Cup Set 2In addition to their lovely selection of oolong teas, Tea Ave has a variety of gorgeous teaware, and they sent me this Aroma Cup Set to pair with my oolong tea. It has the simple, but really lovely design that is common to all their teaware and includes an aroma porcelain cup, a sipping cup, and an oak tray.

Tea Ave Aroma Cup Set I wasn’t sure how to use the Tea Ave Aroma Cup Set when it arrived, but I followed the instructions on the Tea Ave website. First you fill both cups with hot water, then empty then. Afterwards you pour your brewed tea into the aroma cup (the taller one) first, and from there into the sipping cup. This way you get the full oolong experience of aroma and taste. Although I find this process quite time consuming, especially with such small cups, so it’s not something I would do regularly, it is still a lovely experience to have.

Tea Ave Cape Jasmine Oolong, Magnolia Oolong and Rose Oolong 3Overall, I had a really lovely experience getting to know both the Tea Ave company as well as trying their teas. Out of the three I tried, I think my personal favourite is the Tea Ave Cape Jasmine Oolong but I have definitely been better introduced to a type of tea I don’t think I really appreciated the subtlety of before.

Have you ever tried oolong tea? If you haven’t, Tea Ave is a great place to start, and if you are already love oolong, you definitely need to check out this Canadian company!

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