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Sunday Summary: March 1st 2015

Sunday SummaryAnother week. I guess that happens. If I sound down in this post it’s because I just finished the last episode of Sons of Anarchy.

Sons of Anarchy Season 7I swear, I need to start watching cheerful shows. And on that note, the next show we’ll be watching is…House of Cards. Yeah.

Other than binge-watching SoA, I have been drinking a lot of cold-steeped tea. It’s super convenient, and there’s no “bad for you” stuff like there is in juice, no sugar. Plus I have a bag of this one DAVIDsTEA, Pink Flamingo, that I wasn’t really that interested in drinking but I like iced, so that’ll be a good way to finish it up.

Trying cold steeping my @davidstea for the first time. Now the waiting begins…. #tea

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Other than that, my boss was away this week so work was pretty quiet, and by quiet I mean, I was often the only one there…

#spinach for #breakfast spinach for #lunch #greensmoothie #food #healthybutton #healthy

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I’m continuing to try to eat healthier, and have mainly kept up with the daily yoga (whoops yesterday). I adore the Yoga by Adrienne videos, but if you have another recommendation let me know! Now that I’m done her 30 Days of Yoga I am going to do her fundamentals videos and some of the other ones. I did 3 fundamentals videos today though and it was great. Of course it’s hard to know without an instructor if my fundamentals are any good. But I’m hopeful, and maybe I’ll be able to take an actual class sometime.

Lots of mail this week so I should have a busy week on the blog although I haven’t prepared any posts yet, so we’ll see how that goes.

How’s your week been?

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