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Sunday Summary: June 7th 2015

Sunday SummaryFor a brief period of time I had started doing a weekly personal post, sharing favourites and things that were happening my life, and I actually really enjoyed it. Then I got distracted and busy and apparently I did my last on March 1st. I’ve been having a quiet weekend, so I decided to test out doing Sunday Summary posts again. Say hello if you enjoy these posts, or let me know if you’d rather I just stick to reviews!

Sunday Summary poodle puppy
Me holding a puppy from a previous litter, photo by my brother.

There’s a lot I can say given how long it’s been since I did a Sunday Summary, but overall things are okay. There is some rough family and personal stuff, but I have some exciting things planned as well. I just booked my vacation home to Montreal this summer, and it looks like a few CBB lovelies will be making a road trip to visit! Of course, I am always super excited to see Natalie, and I’m hoping she can teach me how to take a stunning selfie while I’m there. It doesn’t hurt that, assuming my mom’s dog is pregnant, there will be puppies born while I am visiting as well!

daredevil-netflix-headerWe also got NETFLIX this week, and I am just about to sit down and watch the very last episode of Daredevil and I love it. My boyfriend wasn’t really interested and he’s working this weekend, so I kinda marathoned most of it. But isn’t that what Netflix is for? We’ve also been watching a few other shows and movies, but I’m not sure what I’m going to turn my attention to next. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

blogilates logoI’m also continuing to work towards my fitness goals, which is basically just, don’t be such a potato. I’m doing a mix of things, and I know I need to be more consistent about it, but thing I’m loving is definitely Blogilates. It’s a YouTube channel by Cassey Ho, and it’s very popular so you might already know it, but if not I definitely recommend! I haven’t been properly sticking with the calenders, but I do a day from them whenever I am motivated (so not often enough!) She is quite peppy and cheerful, but when I feel like I am about to fall asleep at the end of a workday, that’s exactly what I want.

So much to catch up on! How have you been?

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