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Sunday Summary: June 28th 2015

Sunday SummaryIs June almost over? I guess that happened…

HannibalNot much to update on this week. Still hooked on Netflix and we just finished Season 1 of Hannibal…in time for it be cancelled. Starting on Season 2 anyway though! The actors are great and the show is a good spooky mix.

I have really been feeling like I miss reading but somehow still haven’t been making time for it, so that’s a definite goal for this week. Life-wise things are still in a difficult place, and I guess that has made it hard to focus on other things. I’m getting awfully close to submitting my first paper for my PhD–but I feel like I have been saying that for months! Soon though! Also making good progress on my second project.

I think it’s nice to put these posts up even when I don’t have much to say but this week…I don’t have much to say.

What are you up to?

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