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Sunday Summary: June 21th 2015

Sunday SummaryHappy Father’s Day to anyone celebrating! Here’s (probably) the very first photo of my dad at me:

10425059_784678547068_8533465039224271099_nIt’s honestly been a rough week, and I’m not sure the next week weeks will be any better, but I still like to take a little time to blog when I can, so you shouldn’t notice too much of a difference here. Just, send some positive thoughts this way if you can <3

I was pretty excited because my brand new Bondo planner arrived on Friday and it’s a tad bigger than I expected but even prettier. It only starts in August but I can’t wait to start decorating. I also got my FlipBelt, so I have no excuse not to try running, except that I did 3 days of Zumba this week instead–my regular Tuesday, a new class on Thursday, and a bonus outside Zumba this morning.

My car doesn't look terrifying...
My car doesn’t look terrifying…

I’m an incredibly nervous driver and find it really stressful, so I hadn’t been attending any other classes by my amazing Zumba instructor for that reason. However, the usual Zumba I do ended this week, so I got detailed instructions and left plenty of time and on Thursday I drove the other location (it’s about 25 minutes each way). So proud of myself, and it means I can do Zumba over the summer. She also does a Monday yoga class at the same location, there’s only about a month left but I am planning to drop in on that as well.

When I logged onto Instagram I actually saw that my Zumba instructor, who has a blog as well, tagged me in this post. That made me feel even better about taking the plunge and going.

Did you do anything this week that scared you? I hope it paid off!

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