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Sunday Summary: June 14th 2015

Sunday SummaryInteresting news! I added this “Popular Posts” widget to my sidebar rather than just showing the 5 most recent posts, and my last Sunday Summary has been consistently showing up there all week. YOU REALLY LIKE ME!

Grace and FrankieI got a ton of great recommendations about what Netflix wormhole to fall down next, but episode 1 of Sense8 didn’t really hook me (we will probably go back to it). I’ve had more time than usual to watch TV by myself, so I decided to give Grace and Frankie a try and 2 episodes in (no spoilers, although it’s not that kind of show!) I am really loving it. To be honest, the main show the boyfriend and I watch when he’s home is definitely Masterchef Australia.


I ended up doing two days of Zumba this week because I guess I wasn’t in the mood to go bouldering. I don’t really like going by myself although I know I have to get over that. It was so much fun and I’m pretty disappointed next Tuesday is my last day… I have the opportunity to go to a class that’s further away but it’s about an hour (total) of driving for an hour class. And driving makes me really anxious so… rural problems.

I still have a couple at home things I am doing (like Blogilates), and I just ordered a FlipBelt thanks to Melanie‘s recommendation so I can add in a little running (I tried storing everything in my bra last week and it was not enjoyable!) I also just tried to convince Chelle to visit me for a race in October so I’m going to try to add some running into my routine even if my lungs hurt right away.

2015-2016 Spiral Agenda - FlorabundaSpeaking of shopping, I also took advantage of the 15% off at Chapters this weekend to order the 2015-2016 Florabunda Planner by Bando, and I am so excited. I got a small planner this year and it is hard to write in so I am hoping I do better with a spiral. I was looking at Erin Condren of course but this is about half the price. I already have more than enough stickers and pens, so hopefully I can stay away from those temptations and use the ones I have.

Just saying, I make the best #glutenfree #pizza and it was much needed after this week! #food

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There’s been some family health issues and I am really hoping for good news this week. It has been a pretty tiring week that way. I am very busy at work but I can’t complain, and I am hoping that my first paper will be out the door soon…but I have felt that way for awhile! I ended the week by making pizza on Friday but sadly it has all been consumed now. I use the Bob’s Red Mill mix if you’re wondering, and it is really tasty!

How was your week?

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