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Sunday Summary: January 25th 2015

Sunday is settling down, but I didn’t want to let the day end without writing up a Sunday Summary post. I can’t start a feature and then fail at it on week two… Or I can, but I am going to try not to!

10947635_843177389918_1731192362_nI guess I’ll be starting backwards, but definitely the most exciting thing that happened blog-wise was that I finally got to meet the wonderful Jodi from Up the Rollercoaster. She moved to Halifax right around the time I was moving away, so I hadn’t had a chance to actually be in the same room as her until earlier today. We met up at the mall and spent a few hours there. Highlights included DAVIDsTEA (twice…), poutine, Bath and Body Works candles, some Lush goodies, and a potentially unnecessary but much-loved Mac lipstick purchase. There will be a haul coming up soon! I was really good and didn’t even pick anything up at Sephora, although Jodi and I both fell in love with the same Josie Maran blush…that she later went back for!

I was in Halifax for a going-away party for a friend of mine, which was a bit bittersweet, but meeting Jodi means I have a brand new friend to hang out with next time I’m in the city 🙂

Gone-Girl-2014-film-posterAlso this week I finally got to watch Gone Girl, the movie based on the book I both loved and hated (I just can’t get over that ending…) I thought the movie was really well done, I love David Fincher (the director) and both lead actors were fantastic. Tyler Perry was very entertaining, and I definitely need pick up other books by Flynn. The movie didn’t help convince me of the ending, but I still really enjoyed it.

Got to try out my new #skates at lunch! I love this Wednesday ritual. #skating

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I also got to try out my skates with Wednesday lunch skating, which should be a weekly ritual from now on now that I have a pair that fits. I listened to an audiobook (A Million Suns by Beth Revis) while skating and got about an hour in. I did end up with a big scab on my ankle where the skin had rubbed raw, so I will have to adjust the skates for next time, but I am hoping that doesn’t happen again.

yoga-with-adriene-square1Finally, I started off the 30 Days of Yoga with Yoga With Adriene that Natalie and I are doing. Unfortunately, because an exhausted Friday, a Saturday in the city, and a Sunday where I’ve come home to a horrible headache, I don’t have the impressive record for this week that I was hoping for. I did do five days of yoga first though, so I am hoping to get back on it tomorrow, because even if it’s not super physically demanding, I really enjoyed it. I really recommend checking out her YouTube channel if you’re looking for yoga you can do at home. I am a total beginner and I started up with her yoga for beginners video, but I haven’t had an issue keeping up with her during the 30 day stuff yet either, which is great. Ideally, I’d like to do yoga in the morning before I leave for work, but that’s going to take a lot more work on getting up earlier!

Well that’s my Sunday Summary, how has your week been? Also, make sure you check out Jodi’s blog if you aren’t already subscribed!

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