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Sunday Summary: January 18th 2015

Okay so towards the end of 2014 I tried something called “Friday Favourites” and although I was mildly successful at it, it was kinda weird and rushed to get a weekly summary up on Friday that included Friday. Plus, only including “favourites” was a little forced at times, instead of just generally talking about my week. So basically, I’m switching to Sunday posts, because that’s the end of the week and I’m actually home so I have a chance to reflect back and share. I seem to get good feedback on the posts themselves, so I’m hoping a Sunday Summary is a better way for me to continue them. Let me know what you think!

Newsroom_S2_14x48CC.inddFirst, let’s talk about The Newsroom. I actually never watched The West Wing so telling me it’s not as good as that isn’t helpful, I really enjoyed this show (at least at times) and I’m sad it ended (seemingly abruptly?) this week. I also was disappointed by the very end, it just didn’t have the lasting impact I expected. But if you’ve never watched the show, which covers real events from the perspective of a fictitious newsroom, it’s now a good time if you feel like checking out the 25 episodes. Yes, I’ll probably watch The West Wing now.

My new kettle, #teapot and well maybe a few other things arrived from @davidstea #mail #tea #haul

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I spent a lot of money at DAVIDsTEA lately, and the two orders (most of which is pictured, but not all, there will be a full haul post this week) arrived, which was pretty excited. I’d say I ‘d need to replace all of my water intake with tea to actually drink this all, but who am I kidding, I’ve already done that…

Horror CollageI’ve also made further progress on my quest to watch classic horror films I haven’t seen, finishing up both Poltergeist and Jaws this weekend. I actually took about a week to watch the first one because I did it on my own, while Jaws I watched last night in its entirety with my boyfriend. I hadn’t seen either before, and both were good, but I preferred Poltergeist, and kinda thought Jaws would be scarier. I am currently watching The Exorcist, any suggestions for what’s next? Based on my dad’s recommendations, I’m thinking The Shining.

I am so excited by this purchase!!! #skating #skates #winter #winterfavourite #shopping

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Finally, probably the most exciting thing that happened this week is that earlier today I went out and finally bought SKATES THAT FIT. I had been wanting to go skating, but the ones I had grabbed from my mom’s are a few sizes too large and made that quite difficult. So now I have my very own, shiny new pair in the correct size, and hopefully I will be making Wednesday lunch skates a consistent activity. Step 1 in working towards my 2015 goals

How was your week been? Let me know! I am thinking I might try adding mini TV or movie reviews on the blog as well, so I’d be curious to hear what you think about that. Don’t worry, lots of makeup still to come as well…

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