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Sunday Summary: February 1st 2015

Sunday SummaryIt’s Sunday again! It’s also the first day of a new month… It’s umm…Other stuff. I feel like I don’t really have much to talk about. But look, I made a banner!

#snowday ! This doesn’t really capture it but I’m not going outside…. #novascotia #blizzard #winter

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This last week has been interesting, and by interesting I mean snowy. Tuesday was actually a snow day and although I started off working from home it was pointed out to me that since school was closed, most people would be unable to work and so… I stopped working and I’m honestly not sure what I did after that! I’m sure it was either productive or relaxing though. yoga-with-adriene-square1Wednesday I spent over an hour digging out my car and was super late for a meeting, which meant I sadly did not go skating because of bad weather and the fact that I was in a meeting when skating happened. SO, hopefully I’ll be back at that this week. I did manage to do yoga every day except Friday though, and I’m continuing to love 30 Days of Yoga with Yoga With Adriene so I really recommend it if you’re looking for some at-home yoga. I am really loving having introduced it into my day, and although I still have a far way to go in terms of fitness, I’m happy with managing to keep this up (so far).

This weekend has been pretty snowy as well so I turned it into an Ice Age marathon and watched everything but the Christmas special. I was starting to lend a work friend the movies and that made me realize a) I should get the ones I was missing and b) I should absolutely watch them all again. Both things were definitely a good idea.

I’ve also gotten back into painting my nails more often again, and I even finished a polish in time for my January Empties! I have two more half-finished ones I’ve put out as ones to focus on (including Julep Bess), and even though I’ll never actually finish enough nail polish to make a dent in my collection, it’s still fun to move a few bottles out.

Well, looks like I’m mostly just stealing from my Instagram for inspiration for this week’s Sunday Summary. It wasn’t a bad week, just more of a sleepy one I feel, especially after everything that happened last time with visiting Halifax. Next weekend there will be no Sunday Summary cause I’ll be off in Montreal instead, so I’m sure I’ll be grateful for another quiet weekend afterwards, but for now, I’m really looking forward to seeing my family. Until then, this week my main goal is working on writing a paper, so it will be a boring week around here. How was your week?

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