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Sunday Summary: February 15th 2015

Sunday SummaryWeekly summary time! And by weekly I mean, near-weekly, since it didn’t happen last week. I was actually in Montreal, visiting family and puppies. There was also Indian food and smoked meat. Also, this happened (x4):

10991198_846284054138_1711695103644361303_nSo did this:

1-IMG_1193PSST– in case you don’t know, that’s the lovely Natalie from Ivory Avenue. We also went shopping and I was good and only bought ONE lipstick. I also bought poutine and some other lovely things I didn’t eat but should be appearing on the blog soon.

I returned back home on Monday, and it was a pretty busy-crazy week work-wise, and I’ve got lots more lined up to do, but hopefully it all goes smoothly. Tomorrow is actually a holiday, so I get my second long weekend in a row, and I’ve got lots of blogging and organizing to do.

I still haven’t finished going through/posting my Peru trip photos, and I wanted to get them done before I started blogging about it, but a month after returning I’m worried I’ll start to forget things, so that’s a definite goal for this week. Also can somebody please feed me this meal again?

1-IMG_3604In the never-ending snow storms, we are currently supposed to get somewhere between 40 to 60 cm of snow today. It seems to be calming down but there’s about 3 feet of snow on my balcony. I won’t be leaving the house today!

I’ve been keeping up with the yoga and skating pretty well, although there’s always room for improvement. I might do an update on my 2015 Vision Board soon to see if I can keep myself on track.

A1ovf4YcHQL._SL1500_ I also just finished the sixth season of Sons of Anarchy, and the most recent Top Chef and Project Runway seasons. But, I’ve still got plenty of TV to keep me busy. I’m very happy How To Get Away With Murder is back because I’m pretty hooked! I also really want to get out of my reading slump and finishing more books, as I’ve only read 4 in 2015 so far. I’m currently listening to Yes Please by Amy Poehler on audiobook, which she also narrates, and it’s fantastic.

yes please by amy poehlerI got the disappointing news that a conference I was hoping to go to in France is actually happening in 2016, but I’m hopeful I’ll find another option for this year. Also, that doesn’t mean it’s off the table altogether, it just definitely won’t be happening this year.

If you do celebrate Valentine’s Day, I hope it was lovely for you. I don’t, but I still had to share this shirt.

1521254_326895224167644_78138670819737152_nI’m never quite sure what to write in these posts, but that’s my life, lately. How’s yours?

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