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Sunday Summary: August 23rd 2015

Sunday SummaryOnce again, it’s been awhile since a Sunday Summary (about two months…) and the reasons have been a mix of bad with a little good. This isn’t really the place I want to focus on the difficult bits, so I’ll share a few highlights and hopefully stay better up to date going forward.

I had a visit home to Montreal where I had the chance to spend the day with several lovely ladies, including Chelle, Shawna, Samantha, Chantal and Natalie. Make sure to click on all their blogs to start following them if you haven’t already. It was SO nice to see them all, and luckily I will get a chance to see at least the first 3 when I’m back in Toronto next month. I also got to meet Natalie’s new puppy, Rosie, so of course we included her in the photo.

1-IMG_5615While I was in Montreal, I actually got to help deliver puppies with my mom. I’ve never been in the room during a human birth, but holding the dog as she went through contractions and catching the puppies as they were born, is definitely an experience I will remember. Then I got to spend the remainder of the week with the puppies!

11824977_884549010858_105456340913324486_n1-IMG_5826The first weekend I was back from Montreal, I was actually in Halifax, hanging out with Jodi! I’m so lucky to have met so many wonderful people through blogging, and it had been WAY too long since I last saw her back in January (read that Sunday Summary here). We went shopping (there’s a little haul coming up this week on the blog), spent the night playing board games, and the next day met up with Laura, who was visiting Nova Scotia. We totally failed as bloggers and didn’t get a photo of the three of us, so I just have this one of Jodi and I. Next time I should probably stand on a phone book, I’m so short!

jodi n zoe(1)While I was in Halifax I also got to see a couple friends from school–went to the market with one, had breakfast with another–so it was a very busy, social weekend, followed by a hectic week at work. That means this weekend has been quite quiet, although we did go to the Farmer’s Market today with my boyfriend’s family. I didn’t get any ice cream because of potential contamination but I did spend 25 cents to feed the goats, and it was totally worth it. Also, I want a baby bunny now. (I would have taken photos but I was too busy befriending the animals).

I feel behind on both blog and life things at the moment, but that happens sometimes, and hopefully this will be a productive week ahead. How was your weekend?

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