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Summer Makeup Suggestions on A Beautiful Zen

As a part of Canadian Beauty Bloggers I get one awesome guest post on Writing Whimsy every month, and I also get to share a guest post on another member’s blog. I have been really terrible about sharing my own posts, so I think I’m just going to do a quick post letting you know where and what it is in the future so you can make sure to check it out (and the rest of the blog as well!) This month I have Summer Makeup Suggestions on A Beautiful Zen (click here), and this photo provides a sneak peek of what some of those are, but make sure to check out the original post for the full details and let me know what you think! Thanks again to Jenn for having me, and check out the guest post on my own blog where the lovely Natalie of Ivory Avenue talks about The Best Summer Makeup.

Summer Makeup Suggestions 2

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