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Sudio Sweden Regent Earphones Review

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Back in December I shared some gorgeous white and rose gold Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla Earphones, but while those are a lovely and super convenient option, today I’m sharing another style, perfect for more intense sound, the stunning Sudio Sweden Regent Earphones in Black.

Similar to the Vasa Bla, Sudio Sweden Regent Earphones are wireless. I’ve discovered that I really love how I can have an audiobook or YouTube video playing on my computer and wear them around the house while cleaning, or doing dishes. Plus, they are just so soundproof, I can do even nosier tasks, while still hearing my audiobooks. They also come with an audio cable for when you can’t use wireless (it’s bluetooth).

The stunning design of the Sudio Sweden Regent Earphones includes an interchangeable ear “cap”. I love the classic black and gold but of course had to select a marble option as well. So pretty! These headphones are comfortable to wear, but they do clamp onto my head pretty firmly, so I don’t like wearing them for hours and hours–it could just be that I’m used to earbuds but it starts to give me that feeling like if you’re wearing a tight hat. Still, as I said, it really does help block out the sound.

Of course, the last thing to ask about the Sudio Sweden Regent Earphones is how do they sound? I don’t have a ton of experience with headphones, but I think the sound quality is excellent and definitely more intense/immersive than the Vasa Bla.

Overall, I’m really pleased with the Sudio Sweden Regent Earphones, from an external appearance, internal sound, and of course, wireless convenience perspective. If you also think they are gorgeous, you can buy Sudio Sweden Regent Earphones here, and make sure to use the discount code “writingwhimsy” for 15% off (not an affiliate code, just a nice way to save money!)

Have you tried any headphones from Sudio before? What do you think of these?

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