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The Stayfree Challenge

*this is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.*

Like most people (I’m going to assume, if not, feel free to judge me) I’ve always been a little bit intrigued by the pad commercials and their magical blue liquid that tests the efficiency. When I had the chance to test out my own magical blue liquid courtesy of the Stayfree Challenge*, of course I had to give it a shot!

The Stayfree ChallengeThe Stayfree Challenge equipped me with everything I would need to compare Stayfree Ultrathin Pads to two other competitors. Although the pads were unlabelled, #2 looks an awful lot like my Always pads. #1 isn’t as nice and it isn’t one I would purchase based on appearance/feel alone. I was also given three 5 pound weights, three pieces of blotting paper, and three vials of 5 mL of blue liquid.

The Stayfree Challenge  2To set up the Stayfree Challenge I place each of the three pads onto the mat and poured 5 mL of blue liquid onto each one. The liquid had 30 seconds to absorb. I noticed immediately that Stayfree pad did the best job with the liquid, keeping it contained, but also seeming to absorb it better, whereas with #1 it remained very dark and on the surface, and #2 spread quite a lot.

The Stayfree Challenge  3After the 30 seconds were up, I placed a sheet of blotting paper onto each pad over where the liquid was.

The Stayfree Challenge  4I then added the 5 pound weights to each of the pads in The Stayfree Challenge and left them on top for 5 seconds before removing them to see which pad absorbed best and which left plenty of liquid to transfer to the blotting paper.

The Stayfree Challenge  5The results of the Stayfree Challenge were obvious– the blotting paper on the Stayfree pad remained dry, #1 did a horrible job, while #2 still had some splatter go through.

The Stayfree Challenge  6 In terms of how the Stayfree Challenge translates to efficiency during your time of the month–obviously a blue liquid isn’t exactly the same, but absorbency is important and I also really liked how Stayfree pad kept the liquid contained to the smallest area. I was also given an entire package of the Stayfree pads and I will definitely be using them next time I need some. To find out more about the Stayfree Challenge, check out the Panty Party Twitter and YouTube page.

Have you tried Stayfree before? What do you think of the blue liquid test?

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