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St. Patrick’s Day Green Body Care

St. Patrick's Day Green Body Care 6Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I am not going to be going out and celebrating with alcohol, so a relaxing night with a Lush bath, some The Body Shop pampering for my skin, and treating my feet with some Kiss My Face lotion sounds like a perfect alternative. Regardless of what you’ll be doing tonight, here are five products I’ve rounded up in the festive shade for a little post on St. Patrick’s Day Green Body Care.

St. Patrick's Day Green Body Care 5I adore my Lush, so I was thrilled to include two different ways you can have a green bath on St. Patrick’s Day, starting with Lush Avobath Bath Bomb*. I’ve tried this bath bomb in the past, and one actually just made it into my February empties, but I think I waited too long to use it because the scent had faded a lot. Lush is best used fresh, and the Lush Avobath Bath Bomb has a bright lemongrass scent with the lovely moisturizing properties of avocado and olive oil that leave my skin feeling incredibly soft. It also turns the water a soothing pale shimmery green.

St. Patrick's Day Green Body Care 4I recently shared three hydrating face masks I’d tried, and The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask* would have fit right in. Of course, it fits right into a post sharing St. Patrick’s Day Green Body Care as well. This is a new product with a very unusual texture that kinda springs back in a way that reminds me a little of their bath jelly. Once you get a hold of it using the included plastic scrapper, it’s a bit of a cream-gel (as described on the packaging!) that you can massage into your skin and leave overnight. By morning it’s fully absorbed and my skin was really soft! My skin felt hydrated and refreshed in the morning–which is also perfect after a night out.

St. Patrick's Day Green Body CareI don’t know if I should blame our in-floor heating or just cold weather, but the truth is, I really need to moisturize my feet more. The Kiss My Face Foot Creme* comes in the traditional peppermint scent and contains shea and cocoa butter to help moisturize. I don’t find the mint overwhelming like I sometimes can, and I actually find that this lotion works to moisturize without leaving my feet feeling greasy–something that can be a little dangerous! St. Patrick's Day Green Body Care 3If you’re looking for a second way to satisfy your green bathwater craving–it’s okay, we all get them–there’s the Lush Green Bubbleroon*. I adore the bubbleroon format because unlike bath bombs, there’s no need to struggle breaking it into pieces if you want to save it for multiple baths. Instead, a bubbleroon is held together by coconut oil “jam” and easily twists into two parts–just like the cookie! I haven’t tried the Lush Grass Showergel, but this has the same scent which includes all kinds of citrus oils and is still fairly subtle.  Similar to the Lush Rose Jam Bubbleroon, the Lush Green Bubbleroon is packed with nourishing ingredients like shea butter that leave your skin incredibly soft. The water is pale, milky green with bubbles (see last night’s bath here).

St. Patrick's Day Green Body Care 2The final product in my St. Patrick’s Day Green Body Care roundup is more appropriate for the beginning of the day than the end of it, and that’s The Body Shop Wonderblur*, a brand new face primer that smooths out skin texture and reduces the appearance of pores. It comes out quite thick but easily blends into the skin with a sort of silicone feel to it. My foundation went on very smoothly afterwards, although you could also wear it on its own. I didn’t find it made much of an impact on the lasting power of makeup. Given how many amazing sales the brand has, I think The Body Shop Wonderblur would be a great product to try out if you are looking for a silcone-based pore minimizer.

If you’re looking for more festive posting, don’t forget to check out yesterday’s post for my Perfect Polish for St. Patrick’s Day. Do you have any St. Patrick’s Day plans?

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