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Sport Chek at the Halifax Shopping Centre

This visit was hosted, free of charge, by Sport Chek.

Living in a fairly rural area I definitely jump at the opportunity to visit the “big city” (ie: Halifax) and do some shopping. Add in some blogger buddies and a new store opening? Even better. That’s why I was so thrilled to attend blogger opening festivities for the Sport Chek at the Halifax Shopping Centre. My blogger BFF for all things requiring highway driving, Suzi (check out her post on the day, here) and I headed in to the city for an evening introduction to the store and spin class. Even better news, Kayla, was also there! Considering there were only 6 bloggers total, we did feel pretty special.

We started off with a great tour of the newly renovated Sport Chek at the Halifax Shopping Centre. I’ve been there before–including purchasing the shoes I used to hike the Incan trail in Peru!–so it was amazing to see all the changes. This store is jam-packed with technology, from the interactive screens and displays, to a treadmill you can run on and get an assessment of what kind of shoes are best for your feet.

The setup of the Sport Chek is awesome, it’s divided by brands which makes it really easy, if you know Adidas clothing fits you well, it’s all grouped together. They also have an incredible collection of shoes and professional-level gear. I have never seen so many ice skates in a single store! If they are missing something, it’s really easy for them to use one of the in store tablets to order it for you. With athletic wear in particular, it is so important to get a good fit, so I really appreciate having the opportunity to try things on before purchasing.

Sport Chek has also though about the kids or partners you might bring shopping with you, and there’s some fun things like this interactive floor display, plus lots of monitors showing ongoing sports games.

Similar to running on the treadmill, there’s a practice area for trying out golf clubs, which is really fun (and hard!). After we got a tour of the store, we had the chance to try on an outfit and pair of shoes to get us ready for a spin class. They even had snacks for us (including Juice Press Inc juices, yum!). From there, we took an actual LIMO to spin class. Definitely the fanciest ride I’ve ever had to a workout!

Apparently I was too starstruck and didn’t actually manage a photo of the limo, so thanks to Suzi for lending me hers!

Spin class took place in our new workout gear at Cyclone Group Fitness, and was followed by some relaxing yoga. I love the idea of these combo classes, it’s so important to stretch after exercise (especially spin!) so it’s a really magical and relaxing combination. Cyclone also provided us with some awesome little goodies, including some Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes (my favourite).

After class, Sport Chek gave us even more juice–I had a cashew and charcoal milk from Juice Press Inc that I am quite obsessed with–and we headed back to the Halifax Shopping Centre. Kayla and Suzi and I got New York Fries poutines in the last ten minutes the mall was open…the guy was not very happy but our stomachs were.

Here we all are wearing our new Sport Chek attire!

Then Suzi and I headed home. Overall, it was a really fun and amazing evening and definitely one of the best experiences I’ve ever had as a blogger. I’m also a huge fan of the newly renovated Sport Chek at the Halifax Shopping Centre, thank you so much for having us! If you are located in Atlantic Canada this store is definitely worth the trip.

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