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Skinenvy Sugar & Beeswax Strips and Smoothing Spray Lotion

Skinenvy Sugar & Beeswax Strips and Smoothing Spray Lotion 2Although makeup is all kinds of fun, there is some beauty maintenance I consider much more necessary, and for me, that’s hair removal. However when it comes to getting the hair off my legs for those summer dresses, I usually stick to a razor. However I’m definitely interested in anything that requires less frequent upkeep, so I was curious to test out Skinenvy Sugar & Beeswax Strips* and the Skinenvy Smoothing Spray Lotion.*

Skinenvy Sugar & Beeswax Strips and Smoothing Spray LotionSkinenvy Sugar & Beeswax Strips for Legs & Body come with 30 strips for hair removal along with 6 moisturizing finishing wipes to remove excess wax. To use the strips you warm them between your hands and peel them apart (they come in sets of two) before smoothing them onto your legs and peeling them off. The Skinenvy Sugar & Beeswax Strips actually weren’t as painful as I expected, although it didn’t get every single hair even when I went over an area a second time. However the hair that was removed did take longer to grow back, so the end result was being able to avoid shaving longer which was great. The wipes are very oily and effectively remove any residual wax. I can get about three uses out of this box doing just my calves, and I’ve already used it a second time.

Skinenvy Sugar & Beeswax Strips and Smoothing Spray Lotion 3Along with the Skinenvy Sugar & Beeswax Strips, I got to try out a Smoothing Spray Lotion. I was really interested in this because I have seen quite a few on the shelves lately but never tried one. I love it! The spray application is really easy and it does apply evenly. After spritzing my legs I rub the lotion in with my hands and I don’t find it leaves me greasy at all, however it definitely keeps me moisturized for a couple hours. It’s nice after waxing, but I know I’ll also be reaching for the Skinenvy Smoothing Spray Lotion during the summer when I want something light and easy to apply.

I always like testing out hair removal products because it’s something I do regularly and I’m always interesting in making it more effective. I’m not sure I’d repurchase the Skinenvy Sugar & Beeswax Strips, just because I find it more convenient to be able to multitask my hair removal with my showering, and it also means I don’t have to wait for my hair to be a particular length. However I’m definitely hooked on the spray lotions now thanks to the Skinenvy Smoothing Spray Lotion!

Do you wax at home? Have you ever tried a spray lotion before?

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