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Simple Skincare #KindToCitySkin Suggestions


Simple Skincare #KindToCitySkin Suggestions  5Easily one of the best brand Twitters I know of, I highly recommend checking out (and following) the Canadian Simple Skincare at They are often doing events where you have a chance to interact with skincare professionals as well as be sent awesome goodie bags like this one filled with Simple Skincare #KindToCitySkin Suggestions. You can watch Simple’s video on the hazards of living in a city on your skin here:

To be honest, I’m currently not living in a city– but that doesn’t mean these Simple Skincare #KindToCitySkin Suggestions don’t apply–things like SPF and stress aren’t limited to city living.
Simple Skincare #KindToCitySkin Suggestions  4Simple Skincare #KindToCitySkin Suggestions included three products for an easy three step cleansing routine. I don’t love absolutely everything from the brand, but I can honestly say I love all three of these products!

Simple Skincare #KindToCitySkin Suggestions  3The first step in the Simple Skincare #KindToCitySkin Suggestions are the Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes* (initially reviewed here). I already knew I was a fan of these wipes, so I was mainly just happy to get another big pack of them! These are a cult favourite on YouTube and I understand why, they do a great job and aren’t irritating at all. It’s still important to cleanse your face afterwards which is what the next product in the box is for, but at the same time it’s a quick easy way to get the majority of makeup off your face when you’re in a rush or stressed, and I find them super handy for that reason.

Simple Skincare #KindToCitySkin Suggestions  2I was actually really excited to get my own Simple Foaming Cleanser* to test out after seeing it in Sarah’s favourites earlier this month where she described it as a light and airy cleanser, which is exactly right. This is basically like washing your face with air… but more fun. Although its still probably not the best for dry skin, I don’t find it nearly as drying as the Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel (reviewed here) and as long as I follow up with a moisturizer (like the great one in this post!) I’m good. Not only is this cleanser effective, but I actually think it makes washing my face fun, so I definitely see where Sarah is coming from and this is an easy July favourite for me.

Simple Skincare #KindToCitySkin SuggestionsThe final product included in the Simple Skincare #KindToCitySkin Suggestions is the Simple Protecting Light Moisturizer SPF 15* which smells of sunscreen and absorbs very easily into the skin and leaves it non-greasy. Although SPF 15 isn’t a ton, I think it’s a great base and since I spend most of my time in the office/lab anyway I like the idea of having a little sun protection no matter and including it in the moisturizer saves a step in a rushed morning routine. In combination with the foaming cleanser these two products make a fantastic quick morning cleansing routine that leaves my skin really nice and clean for the day.
Simple Skincare #KindToCitySkin SuggestionsI think all three products in the Simple Skincare #KindToCitySkin Suggestions are great and I am happy to include them all in my skincare routine.

Simple is currently doing a #30DaySkinChallenge I’m participating in on Twitter to help improve your “skin, mind and soul!” so make sure to check that out and there just might be a surprise in it for you for joining!

What do you think of these Simple Skincare #KindToCitySkin Suggestions? Have you tried any of them yet?

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