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Simple Eye Make-Up Remover

Simple Eye Make-Up Remover 3Sadly after absolutely loving the Simple products shared in their #KindtoSkin campaign (which I featured here) I tested out a product that was not a success, which is the Simple Eye Make-Up Remover*.

Simple Eye Make-Up Remover 2 Simple Eye Make-Up Remover promises to be “kind to eyes” with no oil, perfumes or dyes. It is scent-free and it doesn’t leave a greasy residue. It also actually does a decent job removing eye makeup. So what’s the issue? I find it really irritating and it hurts when it gets in my eyes. Not kind at all sadly. I don’t know what ingredient to blame because Simple Skincare is careful with what they add to their products, but there is something in the Simple Eye Make-Up Remover that really hurts my eyes.

Simple Eye Make-Up RemoverUnfortunately, instead of using Simple Eye Make-Up Remover for my eyes I’ve been sticking to using it for removing swatches from my arm instead, a job it does well but definitely not its intended use. I was actually really happy with the Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes* (reviewed here) and don’t remember having the same reaction to them, so it’s too bad the liquid remover isn’t as successful, although I do recommend the wipes. The bottle says to avoid direct contact with eyes, but honestly, there are enough eye makeup removers out there that do the job without pain for me to stick with this one.

Have you tried the Simple Eye Make-Up Remover? How do you remove your eye makeup?

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