If you follow me on snapchat (@writingwhimsy) or any other social media for that matter (…also, @writingwhimsy) you will definitely have heard about the amazing #SHOPPERSLOVEYOU weekend I had in Moncton thanks to Shopper’s Drug Mart, and yes, I definitely felt the love.

The weekend started off with four Nova Scotian bloggers piling into a car and heading off to Moncton. Along for the trip was Suzi from Confessions of a Fitness Instructor, Heather from Mmm is for Mommy, and Kayla from Short Presents.


The #SHOPPERSLOVEYOU Weekend was all about making women feel their best in body, mind and spirit. When we got to Moncton, the first event was an amazing Shopper’s Beauty Gala. Funds raised through the Beauty Gala support the Look Good, Feel Better (Beauty Gives Back) Charity which gives makeup and hair alternative workshops to to women with cancer. It’s so important to feel supporting and feel good about yourself when fighting a disease, and Look Good, Feel Better helps women feel more confident about themselves.

(Thanks to Kayla for the lovely photos and Mia for the gorgeous makeup!)

I was lucky enough to have my makeup done by the stunning Mia Nowlan (Check out her Instagram here) using all Smashbox products and I loved the final look. We all looked really gorgeous and ready for the Heart Truth Fashion Show that night!

Thanks again to Kayla for the photo, here's everyone looking gorgeous
Thanks again to Kayla for the photo, here’s everyone looking gorgeous

Saturday night we headed out the Heart Truth Fashion Show which was in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation. It included musical and dance performances, a hilarious MC and an amazing Red Dress Fashion Show where the women walking had all been touched in some way by heart disease (and many had survived it themselves). Did you know that cardiovascular disease is the greatest killer of Canadian women?

The evening ended with a fantastic concert by Great Big Sea’s Alan Doyle. Here’s my overload of photos, but I highly recommend attending this event next year if you are in the Moncton area! It was truly an amazing time for a great cause.

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Sunday morning after my first ever experience with room service at the lovely Delta in Moncton, we were off to the  Shoppers Love You Run for Women in support of women’s mental health, and specifically, the Beauséjour Family Crisis Resource Center which helps women in need. This event was all about people coming together to help remove the stigma from mental health and share their experiences. There was an emotional speech by a survivor of abuse, followed by a 5K run.

I participated in my first 5K run last year but I have been continuing to run once a week so I was excited to get another one in. It was HOT and combined with a slightly upset tummy and a slightly hilly terrain my time was not as good as I hoped but I did give it my all. I placed 33/312 overall with a time of 32:17/32:09 putting me 18/275 for women although obviously a lot of people walked as well given that it was for such a good cause. Getting out there and getting moving is super important to your health, no matter what speed you do it at!


Photo thanks to Suzi!


I have to say it was actually quite an honour to attend these events as a part of the #SHOPPERSLOVEYOU weekend with Suzi from Confessions of a Fitness Instructor. As somebody whose work and hobbies mostly consist of sitting at a computer, I find a huge difference in both my physical and mental health when I make the effort to get moving. Over the past year and a half, a big part of that has been Suzi’s Zumba classes.

You can check out her blog for more details, but Suzi deals with more than one chronic illness and despite that she’s made being active part of her daily life. She’s a huge inspiration to me. I have a few different tummy troubles, and there are so many days when I’d rather curl up inside (and sometimes I do), but looking forward to Zumba with Suzi twice a week really helps keep me motivated. I also deal with a lot of anxiety, which has many physical ramifications as well, and after a stressful day there’s nothing better than forcing myself to “shake it off” with some upbeat dance where I don’t care if the moves are perfect, as long as I’m moving. I’m also about 20 years below the average age in her class, and everyone is super friendly, so it helps keep the pressure off!

Thanks to Kayla for the photo!
Thanks to Kayla for the photo!

I love how the #SHOPPERSLOVEYOU weekend focuses on women feeling good through beauty and movement. Between discovering makeup as a part of Writing Whimsy, Zumba, and now running, these past couple years have really improved my physical and mental health. Don’t underestimate the benefit of a good lipstick or a nice walk outside.

Thanks again to the wonderful team at Shopper’s Drug Mart and of course Suzi, Heather, and Kayla for a truly memorable weekend!

What do you do to feel better on the inside and outside?

  • Oh my god! That shot in the red dress – you look INCREDIBLE! I’m so proud of you for continuing to run and do races. YAY FOR YOU! That’s one hell of a weekend too – such an awesome event to be a part of.

    • aww thank you! haha I am totally donating the red dress now so I’m happy to have worn it once (I have had it for years, but I hate strapless dresses). It was an amazing weekend and I was so lucky to be a part of it! Definitely hooked on the races now!

  • Sounds like it was a ton of fun! And you did amazingly considering you only run about once a week now (obviously yes it isn’t about the time hehe) but I’m sure it’s a nice little pat on the back! Love the picture of you guys at the end of the post!

    • Thank you! I actually have only ever run once a week, I realize I should be doing it more if I want to get better but it’s just a Saturday morning activity for me. However, I’m hoping to sort out some pain and maybe this summer I can get into doing it a second time. Baby steps! 🙂

  • Sounds like such a wonderful weekend. You look stunning in that red dress!

    • Aww thank you! It was an amazing weekend for great causes 🙂

  • You look so lovely in all the photos! I’m so happy you went, this really sounds like a great weekend and I’m happy to hear it went so well. So many lovely causes and good feelings, too.

  • Sounds like a super fun weekend!

  • ellesy

    this looked like such a fun event! i think it’s amazing that you run regularly!