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SHOPPERS LOVE YOU Weekend in Moncton 2018

Shoppers Drug Mart and President’s Choice paid for my travel, accommodations and the events described in this post. I didn’t have to write about it, but of course I want to share this amazing weekend with you!

Well, this is a late post. And while I have an excuse (don’t I always?) with work being so busy and exhausting and involving preparing for and traveling to the other side of the continent (hello California) where I now work 10-15 hour days (thanks Science) I really do feel horrible about how long it has taken me to write about the absolutely wonderful weekend I have in Moncton in May. Yes, May. That said, it’s still just as wonderful a month and a half later, so better late than never, I’ve rounded up my favourite bits and pieces of the SHOPPERS LOVE YOU Weekend to share with you.

I was lucky enough to attend the SHOPPERS LOVE YOU Weekend in 2016 with the absolutely wonderful ladies Suzi and Kayla and it is easily a highlight of my blogging “career” so being asked to go again (and adding the equally lovely Sarah to the mix) was amazing, even if the weekend started off with me still recovering from a terrible virus. Thanks to Kayla and Ford we were able to travel in comfort to Moncton in Ford Escape and we arrived just in time for supper at Calactus, which was delicious and very gluten-free friendly! I actually had a gluten-free cannoli, something I haven’t eaten in at least 7 years! It was cheesy and filling and the gluten-free flatbread that came on the side was also awesome.

We were lucky to stay at the beautiful Delta Beausejour, which is located in downtown Moncton is absolutely lovely.

Our rooms even came out-fitted with some fantastic swag thanks to Shoppers and President’s Choice, including a great Joe Fresh outfit for our Sunday walk, a beautiful bkr water bottle and some of the recently launched food items (some of which had disappeared by the end of the weekend, especially those freeze-dried mango, blueberries and grapes which are AMAZING). Also those chickpea chips? Not only delicious, but more protein-packed and filled than traditional tortilla chips and absolutely perfect for serving with hummus or salsa during a summer barbecue.

Saturday morning we headed off to the President’s Choice Cooking School at the Riverview Atlantic Superstore with Chef Peter Woodworth (a Kentville native!) and dietitian Whitney Mabee.

I had never attended one of the Cooking School classes before, but it was a ton of fun and I have actually already made the delicious green bean salad we prepared, and it was a hit at home. The crunchy green beans, feta, and delicious yoghurt-based dressing are perfect for hot summer weather.

I also really loved the Slow Roasted Wild Salmon and Fried Quinoa, and the Avocado Lime Chia Pudding which was just the right hint of sweetness.

We even got to take home a few of the recent launches from President’s Choice, including the cricket powder! Apparently it works great in protein balls, but I admit I haven’t been brave enough to try it yet…

After the cooking school we headed to the Shoppers Beauty Gala at the SDM at Champlain Place for a little shopping spree and mini-makeover. It was so much fun to hand over the reigns to a talented makeup artist, and I really loved the results!

I also had fun picking up a few “essentials” such as sunscreen for my summer in California, a stunning Stila Glitter and Glow in La Douce (a goldfish green) and the Lancome Skin Feels So Good Foundation which gives a really natural finish I love (that’s what the makeup artist used on me for the makeover). Like I said, essentials.

After our makeovers, we were all prepared for the evening’s NB Heart Truth event! This fundraiser features performances such as an awesome pole dancer, a red dress fashion show and amazing concert–this year the band was Walk Off the Earth, who I absolutely adored. Of course, throughout the event there are important messages about heart health as well as the stories as some amazingly strong women who have recovered from heart issues and were also the models in the fashion show!

The next morning started with a delicious breakfast in bed (also gluten-free, thank you Delta for being so accommodating!)

Afterwards, we headed off to the Moncton SHOPPERS LOVE YOU Run for Women, which had 5 and 10 K options and benefited the Beausejour Family Crisis Resource Centre. It was great to get some exercise in and spending some more time with these lovely ladies was wonderful as well!

We ended the weekend with a delicious lunch together at Tide & Boar in Moncton, which is also great for gluten-free options. I had a fully loaded burger with a delicious side salad.

Then it was back in the car and back to Nova Scotia and real life (ie: preparing for this crazy summer in California).

I am so grateful to Shoppers Drug Mart and President’s Choice for hosting us for such a wonderful weekend in Moncton! Kayla, Suzi and Sarah are some of the sweetest people I know and it was so much fun to spend the time with them, eat great food and celebrate some very important causes.

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