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Shoppers Drug Mart Haul

All the beauty video watching and reading definitely got me craving some shopping, besides for signing up for two monthly boxes, I guess that is the danger! Anyway Shopper’s Drugmart has a good promotion on this weekend with optimum points so I decided to head there, plus in addition to the items I’ll share I also purchased Advil, Reactine, and a few other things that were needed around the apartment.

I was mainly looking for two items, the new Colour Tattoo eyeshadow in Seafoam which may or may not have made it to Canada yet but definitely didn’t make it to my local Shoppers, and a Neutrogena face scrub recommended by YouTuber LoveJoyNR which I managed to find (I was tempted to get the cleanser too, but at $11 a bottle thought I’d test out one product first, especially since I have at least one wash I should use up first.)

Of course, that’s not all I got.


I purchased:

  • Black Star Perfume by Avril Lavigne: definitely wasn’t on my radar to buy even a little bit, but I was checking out the discount product as I always do and an open bottle smelled delicious and eventually I just couldn’t say no. Luckily I’m almost done one body mist I have, and this bottle was almost half price, so I don’t feel too bad taking a new one home. I’m not an Avril fan but it’s a delicious scent and the 50 mL container should last me a very long time.
  • Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub by Neutrogena: Like I said, highly recommended by LoveJoyNR for acne-prone skin and I love face washes with some exfoliation in them, plus the grapefruit scent really seems great for mornings, so I’m excited to test this out.
  • Pantene Ice Shine Silicon-Free Shampoo: I always want to try healthier shampoos so I figure this is a good time and it smells great, plus it was on sale with a coupon stuck to it that meant it’s only $2 if I don’t like it.
  • Life Essentials Cosmetic Pads: If I’m going to be wearing more makeup I figure I should have a nicer way to remove it, plus these will also be helpful for nail polish removal.
  • Essence Lash & Brow Gel Mascara: I’ve been using an E.L.F. product I really like but it’s about to run out and since I don’t think I’ll be back in the US any time soon I gave in and purchased this even though it’s three times the price ($3 versus $1, but still). I’m sure it’ll do the job fine.

The lady at the beauty counter also gave me two generous samples which I’m excited to test out.


  • Burberry Body Tender: A perfume sample where even the sample bottle is really pretty, I’ve never tried any of the Burberry scents so I’m excited about that.
  • Reversa Cleansing Micellar Solution: This was the sample I was really excited about because it works as a makeup remover which I’m running low on and had been considering purchasing, so it was great timing.

Overall, my purchase might not have been that exciting but I had a fun time shopping and it’s all things I’ll be getting lots of use out and I’ll be sure to review once I do. I’ve really been loving the empties videos I’ve been watching so I plan to do my own blog about my June empties since May was already half over, so look out for that in early July. Some of these products will probably be on it!

Have you bought anything fun lately? What’s your favourite perfume?

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