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Shloer White Grape Sparkling Juice

Shloer White Grape Sparkling Juice 3I regularly review tea, and I mean, that’s great, because I really love tea (you probably noticed) but recently a box of tea was sent to me along with a surprise bottle of the Shloer White Grape Sparkling Juice*, just to try out if I wanted to. I really love fruit juice and I love fizzy things so yes, I wanted to try it out. And since it was really yummy, I thought I would share this slightly random post on it with you!

Shloer White Grape Sparkling Juice 2Shloer is a brand that just launched on the Canadian market and is available at Metro Ontario and other fine food retailers in Ontario, BC, Alberta and Manitoba. However, it is the number one adult soft drink brand in the UK, so that’s pretty cool. There are a ton of classy flavours available in the UK (White Grape and Elderflower? Please!), but the Canadian launch has started off with the two classics, the Shloer Red Grape and the Shloer White Grape Sparkling Juice.

The Shloer drinks have no artificial sweetener, flavourings or colors. The glass bottle contains 750  and the cap screws on so tightly–I drank mine over two days and it was just as fizzy on day 2.

Shloer White Grape Sparkling JuiceShloer White Grape Sparkling Juice is a bubbly grape juice, that’s sweet but crisp in flavour. I prefer this to regular white grape juice which I find too sweet. I actually don’t really drink alcohol, so this is the sort of thing I would love to have at a summer dinner party.

One of the reasons I drink a lot of (unsweetened) tea is because I’m trying to be healthy, but I think a fizzy drink is a lot of fun every once in awhile and I definitely enjoyed the Shloer White Grape Sparkling Juice. What do you think?

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