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Sex Bomb with Julie

Hi! I’m off doing something in Peru (heading back to Lima I think, although it’s hard to keep track of at this point…) and luckily Julie from Swatch and Review is here to keep my blog busy. Sadly, she decided that a beauty blog required eyeshadow more than photos of her dog, but make sure to follow her on instagram. Also check out her blog if you want to add to your Mac shopping list!
What’s up fellow friends and fans of Writing Whimsy. It’s me, Julie from Swatch and Review. While Zoë is frolicking through the mountains of Peru, I’m here holding it down on her blog today… just so you all don’t get lonely without her. (Be safe, sweet Zoë. Be safe!)

When she asked for a guest post it was either going to be a) a lot of pictures of my dog or b) something inappropriately named. I figured the latter would be more suited to her style of blogging. So I bring you the NYX SEX BOMB PALETTE

NYX-Sex-Bomb-Eyeshadow-Palette “Channel your inner sex bomb with this seductive set of 6 shadows. Truly beautiful and vibrant, these shades were expertly combined in one sexy set to transform you day or night.”

Shades L-R: Matte red, shimmery slate, shimmery beige glitter, matte nude, matte taupe, matte black.

NYX-Sex-Bomb-Eyeshadow-Palette-swatches-1What I love about this palette, other than the low price of $7.95, is that it has a mix of shimmer, glitter and matte shades so you can create quite a few looks.

The red matte has a medium pigmentation but isn’t chalky. Shimmery slate has a hint of a khaki green to it. And the shimmery beige is more of a glitter than it is a pigmented shadow.

NYX-Sex-Bomb-Eyeshadow-Palette-swatches-2The neutral mattes could be a separate look unto themselves. All 3 are buttery and rich with fairly high pigmentation. The best one being the matte black, which is actually one of the best matte black shadows I have tried.

NYX-Sex-Bomb-Eyeshadow-Palette-look-1For this look I used all of the shades in the palette.
Lid to crease – Red matte
Outer V into crease – Shimmery slate (mixed with the red)
Transition shade -Matte taupe
Under brow – Matte nude

NYX-Sex-Bomb-Eyeshadow-Palette-review-look-2I added the shimmer beige glitter to the lid and inner corner for a bit of a “disco” look and used the matte black to tightline.


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